Sinn Fein in protests against Tory & FG/Labour cuts

  •  Sinn Féin is opposed to Tory cuts agenda | Sinn Féin: Sinn Féin MLA Alex Maskey speaking after today’s meeting of the Executive said; “Sinn Féin is fundamentally opposed to the austerity policies and cuts agenda of the British Tory Government. The Tory’s Welfare Reform Bill is unacceptable to us in its current form. We will seek to make fundamental changes to it in the Assembly. Without significant amendment we will vote against this legislation.”
  • Sinn Féin attend ICTU Welfare Reform protest at Stormont | Sinn Féin: Sinn Féin MLA Mickey Brady has reiterated the need to protect  the most vulnerable against the Tory welfare reform agenda. Making his comments at the protest against Welfare Reform organised by ICTU at Stormont today Mr Brady said:   “This protest is yet another manifestation of peoples anger at the Tory led welfare reform agenda. Countless groups have opposed this agenda which will drive more people into poverty. Sinn Féin oppose this agenda and have met with the civic, community and political sectors including the four Churches, welfare advice groups, the Equality and Human Rights Commissions and the trade unions which is why we are here giving our support to this protest.”
  • Derry SF says no to tory cuts

  • Derry Sinn Fein | Sinn Féin meet with Villiers on Welfare Reform BillCommenting on the meeting Foyle MLA Raymond McCartney said: The Tory cuts agenda is not just an attack on benefits but these cuts will impact on lower income families, the disabled, the unemployed and the elderly, all of whom are vulnerable members of our community.
    Ms Villiers for her part acknowledged that once again we have tabled a range of concerns and she indicted that she will continue to explore how these concerns may be addressed with her British government colleagues.
    While we welcome this commitment from the Secretary of State we reiterated our stance that Sinn Féin would be unable to support this bill in its current form. Sinn Féin will seek to make fundamental changes to this bill as it passes though the Assembly.”
  • McLaughlin calls for support for anti-cuts Rally | Sinn Féin: Sinn Fein Enterprise Committee Member, Maeve McLaughlin MLA (Foyle) calling for support for the anti-cuts Rally in Belfast this Saturday 20th October said: “Sinn Féin as the only all-Ireland Party is to the fore in opposition to the Tory austerity measures North and South. No matter if it is Austerity measures imposed by British Tories on the people of the North or Irish Tories in the South for an all-Ireland party like Sinn Féin our answer is the same – No to Austerity! Greater fiscal autonomy is required in the North.This would allow the freedom to generate revenue and to develop policies of benefit to the people of the North without the current restrictions. It would help facilitate an economic strategy which is underpinned by local budgetary and fiscal decision making. Sinn Fein will not simply allow unamended Tory cuts to social welfare to be implemented in here. We will fight tooth and nail to resist them in the Assembly. We will not shirk from our responsibilities to the most vulnerable in our opposition to the Tory Austerity agenda.”
  • Hundreds protest against Home Help cuts in Dublin | An PhoblachtHundreds of Home Help and Home Care workers along with supporters marched from the GPO in Dublin to the Dáil… to express their disgust at the slashing of home help hours. Campaigners say that the cutbacks will force more people into care homes and have a damaging effect on the lives of disabled and elderly people who rely on such services.
  • Cork City Council meeting stormed by 80 Household Charge demonstrators| An Phoblacht: Sinn Féin Councillor Chris O’Leary was asked by reporters if he condemned the protest. He replied: “I condemn the state people are in at the moment. I look at people who are barely surviving, people who’ve always paid their taxes, people who’ve bailed this country out, and they’re in a desperate state.”
  • Campaign against cuts protest in Dublin | Sinn Féin: Speaking this evening ahead of the protest Ó Snodaigh said:“We are urging local Fine Gael Deputy Catherine Byrne not to vote for any more cuts. Only last year Fine Gael and Labour promised a new style of government but all we got was Fianna Fáil policies with a Fine Gael stamp. The government needs to wake up to the fact that it can not cut its way out of recession.  The government must invest in jobs so we can grow the economy…We are delighted to have speakers from SIPTU and Communities against Cuts.”
  • Wexford Sinn Féin | Universal Social Charge / Family Tax protests & statements

SF protests against Dublin cuts

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