Have a Merry Christmas; Nollaig Shóna Duit


Print of woodcut by Fritz Eichenberg, a prime artist of the Catholic Worker movement, 1954.
(From The Ironic Catholic)


From Hartford Catholic Worker Christmas cards.


“What would a non-consumeristic Christmas look like?” From Rabbi Michael Lerner, Tikkun, ‘Occupy Channukah and Christmas

“A Quaker Christmas II: Songs of the Season” by ByGone Stitches.


Holy Family Hospital of Bethlehem Foundation.

Bethlehem and the West Bank

Holy Family Hosptial is the only hospital in the West Bank providing: neo-natal intensive care, over 45 well woman programs, and long term hospitalization for high risk mothers. Outreach programs such as the diabetes clinic and mobile van care for populations that have been neglected and untreated.

A Christian Presence in Palestine

Holy Family Hospital in Bethlehem is the premier maternity hospital and newborn critical care center for the Bethlehem region, four United Nations refugee camps and Bedouin encampments in the desert. Offering the poorest and most defenseless families a place of refuge, a place of promise and a place equipped to save their lives.
Palestinian women have for decades faced a multitude of health risks: restricted access to medical services due to occupation, a deteriorating economic situation, traditional cultural beliefs, and lack of adequate services.

Virgin and Child From The Book of Kells, via The Colorist; “In Western art, the illuminated manuscript image shown above is the oldest extant depiction of the nativity.”

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