New Ross Municipal Monthly Report: Roads (Beach & Flood)

New Ross Municipal District Committee Meeting11th March 2015

Roads Report

National Roads
1. N25 Resurfacing – Brandon House Hotel to Kent
s cross
Tender documents are being prepared. Work is expected to commence in
May and is estimated at

2. N30 Resurfacing from Kents cross roundabout to the Irishtown
traffic lights
Tender documents are expected to be prepared in the second quarter of
2015. The project is expected to cost

3. Mariana to Town Park pedestrian crossing on the N25.

Construction work is complete. The pedestrian lights should be operational
by the end of this month.

4. N25 Footpaths Rosbercon, between Albatros and the bridge

30m of substandard footpath has been replaced with concrete on the north
side of the N25. Landscaping at the back of the path is in progress. The
landscaping works is being carried out jointly by the Tidy Towns Committee
and direct labour.

60m of defective footpath has been replaced on the south side of the N25
opposite the Albatros.

Regional and local roads
1. Road works programme 2015
This year’s programme is attached.

Parks and Open Spaces
1. Barrack Lane Open Space Development
The amphitheatre and sundial on the old swimming pool site.
A detailed design is being finalised and construction is expected to
commence in April.

Storm Damage Repair Projects
1. Extension of the New Ross Flood Defence System
The design for the scheme is substantially complete. Consultation with
landowners regarding way leaves are ongoing. Tender documents are being
prepared and it is expected to go to tender in April. It is hoped to have a
contractor on site in June.

2. Ballyhack Flood Defence System

This scheme has been tendered. It is hoped to have a contractor on site in

3. Arthurstown Flood Defence System

This scheme is expected to go to tender in March. It is hoped to have a
contractor on site in May.

4. Duncannon Beach Rock Armour Revetment

The project has been publicly tendered. It is anticipated that the appointed
contractor will commence work later this month with a finish date in April.

5. Barrystown Rock Armour Revetment

A design has been prepared to install 400m of rock revetment. The project is
to go for Planning Permission this month.

1. Access way to the Grange beach
The roads and environment section are preparing a design to install a
concrete access way with handrail to the beach. The work is expected to
commence before the bathing season.



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