New Ross Municipal monthly report: Water

Communication: Irish Water

All Water and Wastewater related complaints are to be lodged directly with Irish Water.
This ensures that the complaint is registered and that all work completed by Wexford
County Council is recorded. As required, councillors are to contact the Area Engineer
(Water) to relay information and receive updates on actions and outcomes.

The number to ring for Irish Water is 1890 278278. Please ring this number directly with any
water or wastewater related issues.

Water Meter Project
Phase 1 of the Water Meter Project in County Wexford is substantially complete. The bulk of
the meters have been installed. An audit/snag of reinstatement works is ongoing.

Ballycullane Reservoir
Upgrade work to Chlorine dosing at Ballycullane Reservoir is ongoing. This work will improve
control of Chlorine residuals in the reservoir and network beyond. The work is substantially
complete and it envisaged that the new system will be commissioned this month.


Wastewater Treatment Duncannon
A decision has been made by Wexford County Council and Irish Water to install a temporary
wastewater treatment unit in Duncannon. It is proposed that the unit will be located in the
existing boat yard/storage area to the north of the harbour.

A Planning Application was lodged by WCC on 24th Feb 2015. The final date for submissions
re the Planning Application is 24
th April 2015.

Rosbercon PS
The control panel has been upgraded and one nr pump replaced with new high efficiency

Health & Safety

Health and Safety improvement at all installations are ongoing.

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