@GasNetIrl diversion details letter & maps: Newbawn to Foulkesmill (incl Glenroe & Garryrichard) Jan 6-Feb 19


Ref: GWT-09

December 2015

Re: Works in your Area – Gas to Wexford town –Newbawn Cross to Foulksmills

Dear Resident,

On behalf of Gas Networks Ireland, I would like to inform you of forthcoming construction works in your area. 

These works involve the installation of approximately 40km of gas pipe from Fisherstown, Campile to the New Ross Roundabout on the N25 outside Wexford Town. 

The route shall be via the R733, R735, R736 and N25, passing through Foulksmills, Gusserane & Taghmon. 

The construction works shall be undertaken by our nominated Contractor Roadbridge, and will be supervised at all times by Gas Networks Ireland.

Pipe installation works have just been completed on the R736 Dunmain to Newbawn road up as far as Newbawn Cross. 

The next phase of pipe installation works shall be the section from Newbawn Cross to Foulksmills. 

These works shall be carried out under Wexford County Council approved road closures of the following roads:

• The R736 from junction with R735 at Newbawn to junction with L3033 at Glenroe from January 6th to February 3rd 2016


• The L3033 from junction with R736 from Glenroe to Garryrichard from January 18th to February 19th 2016


It is our intention to recommence works at Newbawn Cross progressing towards Foulksmills on the R736 from the 4th of January 2016. 

These works will initially operate around the junction with the R735 and advance onto the R736 under road closure from 6th of January.

Once pipe installation reaches the junction with L3033 at Glenroe, works shall progress along the L3033 under road closure

At no time will the R736 and L3033 be closed simultaneously. 

Works from the junction with L3035 (at Whites Bar) through Foulksmills Village shall be carried out under partial lane closure controlled by traffic lights to connect up to existing pipe east of the village.

Traffic management systems and diversions shall be put in place which may cause some disruption. 

Local access to restricted areas shall be facilitated. See map of diversion routes for both road closures attached. 

We would like to apologise in advance for any inconvenience that this may cause, and we will endeavour to keep disruption to a minimum. 

Should you have any queries in relation to this or any other matter, you may contact Roadbridge on 087 3778984or call into the Site Office, Gusserane, New Ross, Co Wexford. You can also contact Gas Networks Ireland directly on 1850 200 694 or by email networksinfo@gasnetworks.ie

We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2016

Yours sincerely,


Andrew Doyle 

Project Manager

Gas Networks Ireland


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