Sinn Féin will Invest in Education #betterwithsf #ge16 #right2change #votesinnfein

Sinn Féin today put forward our proposals on education with the aim of making education truly free and accessible to all. This includes relieving financial pressures from hard pressed families and students, increasing accessibility for children with special needs, providing more apprenticeship places and delivering better quality education in smaller class sizes. The list of committments can be seen here.  
The proposals were launched today by our Dáil spokesperson on education Jonathan O’Brien (@JOBrien_SF), our Six County Minister for Education John O’Dowd (@JohnODowdSF) and Offaly election candidate Carol Nolan who is a teacher. See Jonathan’s statement in full here.
Also, given the day that’s in it, we take some time out from the campaign to think about relationships. In this campaign, like all those before it, there is no love lost between Sinn Féin and the establishment parties. Fine Gael and Labour want their relationship to continue, however Enda is keeping his options open by flirting with Fianna Fáil while secretly liking Michael Lowry’s Tinder profile, just in case. 
Sinn Féin is out to end the establishment love-in. It’s time for a progressive government without either Fianna Fáil or Fine Gael. Let’s kiss this government goodbye. Share the graphic below on social media.  
Sinn Féin will Invest in Education 
  • We will shrink class sizes and gradually reduce the ratio of pupils to teachers from 27:1 to 20:1 (committing to 25:1 in the first term of gov)
  • We will increase funding to the school meals programme by 40% and the School Books   Grant by 30%. We will also increase the Back to School Clothing and Footwear Allowance by €50. 
  • We will abolish student fees over a term of government
  • We will increase resource teaching hours for children by 15% and provide 1,450 additional SNA’s to facilitate greater access for children with special needs.
  • We will defend small schools by reversing changes to the staffing schedule for schools with less than 85 pupils. 
  • We will promote adult literacy by providing opportunities for 20,000 learners to participate in a course leading to a Level 3 or Junior Cert qualification. 
  • We will introduce 1,000 additional apprenticeship places for trainees. 
Sinn Féin committed to reversing government attacks on education – Jonathan O’ Brien TD
Sinn Féin spokesperson on Education, Jonathan O’ Brien TD has outlined the manner in which Sinn Féin will invest in education, reversing the damage inflicted by Fine Gael/Labour and successive governments. 
Deputy O’ Brien said: 
“Fine Gael and Labour have seriously damaged the education sector in Ireland. Not only have they failed to invest adequately in education, they have imposed cut after cut, affecting every level of the system. 
“The government increased student fees and removed many grant supports, forcing many third-level students to drop out and leave their courses. They cut funding to schools, which resulted in students being taught in overcrowded classrooms.
“Under Fine Gael and Labour, supports for children with special needs were removed so they have less time with their Special Needs Assistants and Resource Teachers.
“This government have put paid to the notion of free education and have hugely increased the burden on struggling families. Labour and Fine Gael cut the Back to School Clothing and Footwear Allowance three budgets in a row. Cuts to capitation costs means that some schools can barely cover costs and parents are under increasing pressure to make up the shortfall. 
“Studies show that one in five secondary school parents have to get loans in order to cover the costs of school. Yet the government continues to subsidise private schools with millions in taxpayers’ money, reinforcing a two-tier system of eduction.
“Sinn Féin believes that education is a basic and fundamental human right and should be accessible and affordable to all. We are committed to reversing the worst of the austerity cuts imposed on this sector and ensure that equality remains not just an aspiration but a cornerstone of the educational system.”


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