Young people can lead a peaceful rising #jointherising #ge16 #votesinnfein #right2change

Today, as the media moratorium came into effect, Sinn Féin made it’s final appeal to voters through the regular media. But it’s not over yet. The battleground now moves to social media and the doors as we make our final push. 
We are on the cusp of a new Rising. A Rising at the ballot box where people can demand change. We need to ensure that as many people as possible vote and that they vote Sinn Féin. 
In particular we need young people out to vote. This historic election gives people an opportunity to elect a progressive government, one that represents all of the people including the young.
To this end every member needs to be as active as possible this evening and all day tomorrow, right up to when the polls close at 10pm tomorrow. Use the power of social media and knock doors of every Sinn Féin voter to make sure they get to the polls. Make a start by sharing this video appealing to young people to come out and vote tomorrow
Young people can lead a peaceful rising – Gerry Adams TD
Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has said young people can lead a peaceful rising at the ballot box tomorrow.
Deputy Adams was canvassing in Dublin City Centre today with Mary Lou McDonald.
He said;
“This election has been a battle of ideas.  The choice is between massive tax breaks for the wealthiest or fairness for everybody else.  Its the golden circles versus the people.  But change is possible, the marriage referendum is proof of that.
“Young people can once again be to the forefront in a peaceful rising at the ballot box. The republic should be the property of the people.
“For the first time in the history of this state there is an opportunity to elect a new, progressive government.  Young people have a major role to play in that and I am appealing to them come out tomorrow and to vote for Sinn Féin and Rigth2Change candidates.
“Join the Rising.”


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