Motion – passed: calling for action on cannabidiol-based medicine

I am aware of people having to forgo paying basic utility bills, to pay exorbitant prices on the black market, for what ought to be prescribed by a doctor, or adminstered by a nurse.

This is because certain cannibidiol substances, seem to have a greatly beneficial effect on the relief of some cancer symptoms (and perhaps more than that).

If a person sees a relative suffering, and their choices are chemotherapy (a kind of chemical blanket-bombing of the body), or morphine (resulting ultimately in coma), can we blame them if they pursue another alternative? One that can remarkably seem to allow the sufferer to live out the remainder of their life consciously, relatively comfortably? (I want to point out: there may be very good reasons for choosing these options; not everyone reacts the same to any treatment; not everything is as simplistic as that sentence. It ought to be a fully-informed decision between doctor and patient). 

Codeine and Morphine are both chemical analogues of cocaine and opium. Yet people are not forced to transact with black market networks when they need them – as I didn’t have to when I tore an Achilles Tendon.

It should be a matter between a doctor and her patient. It should be something that can be properly prescribed and adminstered, if beneficial.

It is however, a matter for the Irish Medical Council to decide the efficacy of drugs. It is a matter for the Oireachtas to change law in case of a controlled substance. They have managed to do so for codeine and morphine, they should do so for cannabidiols for cancer patients if the IMC agrees.

This has already been done for Sativex (which has cannabidiols) for MS sufferers. However there was a delay of several years which I think unnecessary and inhumane.


This council:

– requests the Irish Medical Council expeditiously examine the therapeutic, palliative and pain relief potential of Cannabidiol-type chemicals and derivatives (note: different from plant and material sources); with a view as to whether these can be recommended for licensing, import, and prescription;

– demands that the Minister of Health, and all legislators of the Oireachtas, expedite any such medical recommendations by the Irish Medical Council in future;

– request that state agencies show a common sense and compassionate attitude in any interim period.


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