Motions: passed (@wexfordcoco ) #BCG (TB) vaccinations, & #SolarFarms

This council notes:- That as recently as the international 2005 survey, over half of European countries give BCG (TB) vaccinations to children up to 12 years old[1];

– That there is currently only one, sole, approved manufacturer & seller of BCG Vaccine in the entire EU;

– That even were a selective regime of administering to at-risk population adopted, this would comprise 13% of this state’s population[2];
This council this requests the relevant ministers, departments, and appropriate agencies:

– to update us on what steps are being taken by this state and government to secure a ready supply of BCG Vaccine – regardless of regime adopted for administration – and when this will be available again.
Acknowledging both the importance of renewable energy, entrepreneurial innovation, and community needs and wishes; 

This Council –

– Advises the relevant Ministers, government and state departments, that future state subsidies or special tariffs for solar energy, should only accrue to any commercial solar energy development within this County, that either 

a) Abides by a specific commercial solar-energy planning policy, to be determinedby the members of this Council; or

b) Abides by a state-wide minimum set of planning standards, that we urge the Government and Dáil to formulate;

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