The Dáil is currently debating a motion on housing from the @SinnFeinIreland team:

The Sinn Féin motion calls on the government to make a number of policy changes. These include:

1. substantially increasing the stock of social houses owned by local authorities and approved housing;

2. a new affordable housing programme in 2018 to enable middle income households to access private rental and private purchase housing at affordable prices
3. a capital investment in social and affordable housing substantially greater than that outlined in Rebuilding Ireland
4. new measures to stop the flow of people into homelessness by providing greater protections for private renters and greater supports for those in long term mortgage distress
5. a clear commitment that no family with children will be left in emergency accommodation for more than six months and that no person will be forced to sleep rough due to lack of safe and appropriate emergency accommodation.”

Back ground

· The housing system in this state is broken. The government policy launched with much fanfare in July 2016 by former Minister Coveney has not made a dent in the crisis.

· During his stint as Minister the number of families in emergency accommodation every month has gone up, this trend has unfortunately continued under Minister Murphy.
· Murphy announced a review of Rebuilding Ireland and has been “kite flying” via the media for a number of months regarding what changes will be brought in.
· Some recent media announcements include a vacant homes tax, a new mortgage to rent scheme, giving land to developers in exchange for more social housing and an affordable housing scheme.

For more information regarding what specific changes we would make please find attached a copy of our submission to the Review of Rebuilding Ireland.

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