County Council Residents’ Association grants 2018

Completed Application Form must be submitted to:-

New Ross:-

New Ross Municipal District,

The Tholsel,

Quay Street,

New Ross,

Co. Wexford.

Telephone:- 051-421284

On or before the advertised closing date: Tuesday, 20th February, 2018




1. General Purpose of the Scheme:

Wexford County Council may pay Grants to Residents Associations to help them finance the carrying out of works of public amenity value which will improve and enhance the overall presentation of residential areas throughout County Wexford.

2. Type of Project that will qualify:

Any project may be considered within a private housing estate which is designed to improve community facilities or the enhancement of the appearance of the area concerned.  Works that will qualify include, but is not limited to:-

1. Planting of trees, shrubs, landscaping.

2. Community Development Initiatives.

3. Promoting Social Inclusion.

4. Promoting Local Heritage.

The maximum grant payable is €600.

3. Submission of applications to Local Authority:

Applications for grant assistance should be returned to the Borough/Municipal District Office in your area. Details of Office addresses, etc., are included in Grant Application Form.

4. Payment of Grants:

If your application is successful for funding, you will be asked to submit receipts and further information including photograph(s) for the works carried out.  Receipts will only be accepted if they are made out in the name of the applicant body and not individuals.

If your application is successful and awarded a Grant, please note that the Grant Payment will ONLY be made out in the name of the Organisation you have specified on your Application Form.  Please ensure that this name is the same name as on the Organisation’s Bank Account.

Grants in respect of approved projects will be paid to Residents Associations by the County Council on completion of the authorised works.  The work will be subject to general oversight and inspection by the County Council.  If work is not carried out and the Grant is not claimed before 31st October, 2018, the Grant will be cancelled.

Failure to submit receipts will result in disqualification for future funding under this Scheme.

5. Tax, Legal Affairs & Planning Permissions:

All applications must comply with current requirements in relation to planning issues, finance and taxation, health & safety, environment, insurance and employment legislation.  Contractors engaged to undertake work must have a current C2 or Tax Clearance Certificate.

Applicant bodies are reminded that where planning permission is required for any project proposed to be carried out under the scheme, such permission must be obtained before the work can legally be commenced.  The Local Authority will advise on the procedure to be followed.

Section 891b of the Taxes Consolidation Act requires specified persons (which includes local authorities) to automatically report electronically, on an annual basis, the details of payees to whom relevant payments are made.  Therefore, applicants who will be in receipt of a grant may be asked for a tax reference number – The Tax reference number effectively is any reference recognised by the Revenue Commissioners as a valid tax reference number e.g. VAT No., PPS No Sub-contractors Tax reference number etc.  The format of a tax reference number is 1234567T (8digits – 7 numeric followed by a single alpha)

6. Other:

An allocation of grant funding under this Scheme, in any one year, does not automatically qualify an applicant for funding in any subsequent year, i.e., a new application needs to be submitted each year.

Please return your completed Application Form

on or before 5:00pm Tuesday, 20th February, 2018

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