Fisheries Local Area Development Scheme: deadline 5pm 15/Mar,local,area,group,development,flag,2016,-,2023/

Are you interested in:

  • Adding value to fishery and aquaculture products
  • Creating/maintaining jobs in coastal areas
  • Promoting innovation in fisheries and aquaculture
  • Supporting diversification within coastal communities
  • Lifelong learning, attracting young people into fisheries, aquaculture, and marine related careers and activities
  • Promoting social well-being and cultural heritage in fisheries and aquaculture areas
  • Promoting best environmental practices
  • Strengthening the role and governance of fisheries communities in local development.

Anyone considering submitting an application to the FLAG scheme is advised to contact Mr. John Hickey, Regional Fisheries Development Officer in advance on (087) 6295047 or

How to apply:

Deadline: 5pm, 5/March

Also for your information:

FLAG SOUTH EAST Area Strategy (Coastal communities of Wicklow, Wexford and Waterford)

Wexford Local Economic and Community Plan, High Level Goal 6 is to

protect and sensitively utilise our natural, built and cultural heritage and together with the Arts, realise their economic potential

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