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Home is where the ghosts are in the moldy Gothic horror of The Lodgers

If you’ve got at your disposal a location as perfect as Loftus Hall—the 14th century manor home and self-proclaimed “most haunted house in Ireland”—it’d be a sin not to make a horror movie there. The ready availability of weathered old buildings and misty forests in rural Ireland is certainly an asset for The Lodgers, the second feature from Brian O’Malley (Let Us Prey).

The Lodgers’ Eugene Simon believes in psychic phenomena, but draws the line at ghosts

Game Of Thrones star Eugene Simon’s new project, The Lodgers, has the characteristics of an old-fashioned, supernatural horror film: a period setting, a crumbling family estate, a set of mysterious twins, and, of course, ghosts.



Irish gothic chiller “The Lodgers” made me wish we lived in a world where this type of film wasn’t so rare that its very existence wasn’t a source of novelty… one thing that the makers of “The Lodgers” do deliver is a unique setting.



An oppressively heavy gothic atmosphere squeezes most of the shocks out of the Irish ghost story “The Lodgers.”

… for viewers who take it more as a moody, metaphorical historical drama than as an out-and-out horror film, there’s a lot in this lush-looking, sensitively acted picture to recommend.

…”The Lodgers” is set on an imposing estate, “played” on film by a 700-year-old mansion.



If you, like me, are a sucker for a) crumbling Gothic mansions where things go bump in the night, b) period costumes involving “French Lieutenant’s Woman”-esque hooded cloaks, out of which one may gaze pensively sideways, c) mysterious secrets concealed in attractive lockets, d) excellent linen bedding and lace curtains, and e) dramatic things happening on and around grand staircases, allow me to recommend the Irish thriller “The Lodgers…”

… because it offers the beautifully-shot pleasures of a) through e)… Filmed at the breathtaking Loftus Hall, a real-life haunted mansion in County Wexford, Ireland


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