Dare to be Wild @WexfordCoCo #TerraNostra talk w/Mary Reynolds, Jim Hurley 5:30pm today

Date: Thursday, March 15th

Time: 5:30pm

Speakers:  Nature Expert Jim Hurley & Reformed Gardener and Nature Activist Mary Reynolds

Venue: Wexford County Council Offices, Carricklawn, Wexford

Booking not necessary, all are welcome to attend.

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•  “Stepping back into our roles as guardians of the earth‘. Mary Reynolds will explore the  deep connection we have broken with the earth which has left  us lost, spaced out and aimless. She explains easy ways to restore the connection and heal the hole in our hearts that  we tore when we forgot who we are in the circle of life on  the earth.”

Mary grew up on a small mixed farm in Wexford, in the south of  Ireland. 20 years ago she set up her own company designing  gardens in Dublin. A few years later, having lost the will  to live from constantly creating modern gardens, she  realised that she could no longer continue shaping land in  the same way and re-imagined her work to become nature  rather than human centred.

Mary brought her new, still relatively unformed ideas to be showcased at the  Chelsea flower show in London where she achieved a gold  medal, unusual at the time for a first-time effort. Since  that time, she has built up quite a cult following in the  world of garden design and is considered unique in her  field.

Another U-turn came a few years ago when Mary realised we had to rethink the whole  relationship we had with the land and re-examine what it  means to truly design in harmony with nature. Those latest revelations lead to ‘The Garden Awakening – Designs to  Nurture Our Land and Ourselves’ being born.

This book was written at night, over four  years, when her two young kids were asleep… and Mary was  almost awake. It was published in 2016.

Mary has been known to present telly programmes about garden  design and do the odd garden makeover on the box. She also  gives talks and workshops about her work and beliefs. The  Irish writer and director Vivienne De Courcy made a movie  about a journey in Mary’s life when she made a wild garden  at England’s R.H.S Chelsea flower show while  simultaneously chasing a very handsome man to Ethiopia and  back. She’s trained as a Reiki master, is not a bad cook  (to her mother’s eternal surprise) and she likes to  campaign against evil multinational efforts to cull us all  off with pesticides, herbicides and GMO’s. She spends a  lot of time growing and guiding her own land into a place  where people can come and stay and learn, but most of her  time is spent being a harassed single mum, trying to grow  two cheeky but wonderful boy and girl monsters and a crazy  golden-doodle with as much grace and love as  possible.

• Jim Hurley will be talking us on a virtual  walk of one of the most interesting areas of South East  Wexford, departing from Kilmore Quay.

Jim Hurley is south Wexford’s keenest promoter of its wonderful natural heritage. The retired  Biology teacher has lived here for more than 50 years. He  has come to appreciate the flora and fauna of a region which  boasts no less than 14 officially designated sites of  significant scientific importance.

There is scarcely a bird or a flower to be found between Rosslare and  Templetown that he has not rejoiced in and written about.

His love affair with Kilmore began by chance  back in 1965, when as a recent graduate in science from UCD,  he was recruited by County Wexford VEC to set up the  laboratory in the new Bridgetown School.

His knowledge of the sea breezy environment has been shared with  readers of this newspaper since 1981. His column run without  break for over 33 years. His success is also attributed to  the excellence of his own teaching at Bridgetown, his  involvement with the Irish Wildbird Conservancy, work on the  preparation of Ferrycarrig Heritage Park, and his  willingness at all times to give talks or lectures on any  matter connected with nature.

For Jim Hurley, nature is for everyone and should be celebrated by as many as possible.

‘There is room for more people to enjoy the  south Wexford coast,’ he says simply. ‘Some have a  technical or scientific interest but for ordinary people too  it is a wonderful amenity. People should be encouraged to  enjoy it.’

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