Beware phone and “phishing” scams

New Ross County Councillor Oisín O’Connell is calling on all County Wexford residents to be wary of phone calls from scammers pretending to be from their bank or financial institution.

“‘Phishing’ is a type of scam – sometimes by phone – whereby someone will contact you, and fish for information by pretending to be from a bank, telecom or other institution. They will try to fake you out, and use your sense of trust to give them valuable information they wouldn’t otherwise have. This is then used by them to make purchases or money transfers online or electronically in your name – to steal from you.”

“In a particularly insidious twist they may even pretend they are from something like the fraud detection department of an institution – and threaten to cancel your cards if you don’t comply. That recently happened to one of my own parents, who ended the call and contacted the local bank.”

“It’s important to know, that while financial institutions and such, may ask you for information to confirm your identity when you call them; they will not call you up to ask you for your name, phone, address, and card numbers and so on.”

“The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) have a website where people can learn more at:

They have the following helplines:

Helpline Lo-call: 1890 432 432

Helpline National: 01 402 5555

“The CCPC specifically advise that If you receive a call from anyone requesting any personal or financial information, you should end the call and report to a Garda station or call the confidential line on 1800-666-111

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