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County & Municipal Motions by Cllr O’Connell

—Municipal Motion 13/Dec’18 [passed]—

“That this Council agrees to include the village of Foulkesmill and its environs as a viable unit within the Engineer’s district boundary of New Ross;

With suggested environs (subject to Engineer’s confirmation of practicality) including the road and areas North of the road connecting: Stoneenrath Crossroads, through Hares Mead Bridge, along the R736 from Rosspile, through Longraigue Cross Roads, towards Bryanstown Bridge.”

— Deferred County motion 10/Dec’18 [passed]—

This council, recognising:

– the historical impact of the Irish who – like the Wild Geese – have fought abroad throughout the centuries, out of necessity or commitment;

– the sacrifices and traumas of both fighters and survivors of those conflicts;

– the diversity of our diaspora and national experiences;

– our significant UN peacekeeping commitments;

Will commemorate all such broader “Wild Geese” simply, inclusively, and respectfully on November 11 (“Armistice Day”/US Veterans of Foreign Wars/Remembrance Day)

—Deferred County Motion 10/Dec’18 [passed]—

In the interests of transparency and accountability: [substantive] policy documents adopted by Elected Members of this Council, will be archived online permanently [at the discretion of Wexford County Archive online] – in an accessible manner for the public.

—2 Joint Motions Sep’18 [passed]—


The prevention of Post Office closures and the long-term survival and prosperity of the An Post, Post Office Network.

This council:

1. Is deeply concerned of the imminent threat of closure of up to 159 Post Offices throughout the country and the threat to the long-term future many other Post Offices.

2. Believes the decision as to whether a community has a Post Office or not, should not hinge on a Postmaster wishing to retire.

3. Recognises there is an alternative and superior solution to the Post Office issue available to An Post and to Government in the form of the Kiwi (Post) Bank model that was established in New Zealand in 2002, and now has 20% of the banking market and 25% of all banking customers in New Zealand. It has been described as a phenomenal success having made over $7m profit in its third year of operation and nowadays posts annual profits of circa $100m.

4. Supports the Dáil Private Members Motion of 11th Nov 2016 – The Dáil Motion of the 11th November, 2016, passed by the Dáil – 158 Votes (no amendments) “Calls on the Government to: – implement a new community banking service operated by An Post to be made available in all post offices throughout the country; this post community bank could be based on either the New Zealand Kiwibank model or the German Sparkassen model, both of which have been found to be valid models;”

5.That Post Office Closures will be a red-line issue during upcoming budget negotiations.

Therefore, this Council calls on Government to:

1. Enact ‘Private Members Dáil Motion of the 11th November, 2016.’ (a call previously supported by Wexford County Council, October 2017)

2. Postpone the closure of Post Offices while the Kiwi Post Bank model for the Irish Post Office network is developed.

3. The results of this Council motion to be promptly conveyed to the Minister for Communications, Climate action and Environment and Deputy Hildegarde Naughton, Chair of Committee on Communications, Climate Action and Environment.

4.That this motion will be circulated to all local authorities

-Fionntán Ó Súilleabháin

Johnny Mythen

Oisín O’Connell

Mick Roche

Tom Forde


For over twenty years now, despite the evidence of three national surveys and reports and the current Pavement Survey Condition Index (PSCI) Rating results, Wexford County Council has not received a fair allocation of non-national road funding based on the factual need and condition of non-national roads throughout the country.

The Department of the Taoiseach report on non-national roads in December, 1997, stated that ‘funding should be based on need and, in this context, the findings of the Pavement Condition Study should be taken into account’.

Wexford County Council now calls on the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport to address this long standing imbalance in non national road funding for county Wexford, with immediate effect.

Fionntán Ó Súilleabháin

Johnny Mythen

Oisín O’Connell

Mick Roche

Tom Forde

—County Motion Aug’18 (passed)—

Any council vehicles undergoing detailing (as newly acquired, or for rework maintenance) with council branding, will have alternating English and Irish language on either side; and/or, where practical, similar balance will be achieved front and back.

—County Motion Apr’18 (passed)—

This Council notes:

– the 2015 government capital plan for new primary and secondary school buildings was based on demographic birth, migration data and assumptions, that will shortly be two-to-three years old;

– that this state has one of the highest birthrates in Europe;

And requests that the minister re-examine the latest demographic data, with a view to prioritising and bringing forward building schedules.





—Municipal motion Feb’17 (passed)—

5.1 Notice of Motion -This Municipal council calls for all processing of sewage sludge into biosolids in this County to a class A standard,

– to be done at source in wastewater processing facilities;

– with a preference for anaerobic digestion over chemical-thermal pasteurisation.

—County Motion Feb’17 (passed)—

This Council calls upon the Minister of Agriculture

– to recognise the increasingly complex barriers faced by emerging young farmers;

– to recognise that under Regulation 1307/2013 on Direct Payments, It is completely up to EU Member State Governments whether and how to enforce educational criteria in the Young Farmer Scheme (only 10 of 28 have done so);

– to therefore sensibly relax the formal criteria and deadlines of the Scheme, so as to not unnecessarily exclude otherwise worthy applicants.

—County Motion Nov’17 (passed)—

Acknowledging both the importance of renewable energy, entrepreneurial innovation, and community needs and wishes;

This Council –

– Advises the relevant Ministers, government and state departments, that future state subsidies or special tariffs for solar energy, should only accrue to any commercial solar energy development within this County, that either

a) Abides by a specific commercial solar-energy planning policy, to be determinedby the members of this Council; or

b) Abides by a state-wide minimum set of planning standards, that we urge the Government and Dáil to formulate;

—Municipal Motion Dec’16 (passed)—

This municipal council requests as a matter of urgency, a briefing and explanation by the housing officials on A. Policies on dealing with anti-social behaviour in social-housing estates; B. Policies on achieving demographic and community balance within these estates; (We also invite representatives from the Gardaí and Social Work offices to attend and contribute suggestions or explain their own pol

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