Oisín is a farmer in County Wexford, and formerly County Chairman of Sinn Féin for two-and-a-half years. He was elected as a first time candidate, to Wexford County Council for the New Ross Municipal District, in May 2014. His maternal grandparents were from Ballycullane, from where his family emigrated all the way to Foulkesmill (via Kildare, and the South Bronx). He is married with one child two three children.

His work experience extends from an Alaskan fish cannery, through mineral prospecting in the American West, to farming, forestry and foliage products in Ireland. He even worked in an I.T. office job, in Texas.

A BFA graduate of Texas Christian University – where he met his wife – he was president of the International Students’ Association, and a recipient of several awards by the International Student Services Office, and the Minority Council. Recently – after six years of distance-study – he received a Bachelor of Science (Hons) Social Sciences degree, in Geography and Economics from Open University. He is currently studying (well, trying) with OU for an MA in Philosophy.

(Despite studying economics, he’s… mostly an alright person.)

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