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FYI, Average Wexford Co. Cllr Pay & Expenses last year: FG €31,624 | FF €29,532 | Lab €25,480 | Non €24,427 | SF €22,708 | PbP €21,674

(All figures and calculations rounded to nearest euro; PbP has 1 Cllr, sum of outgoing & incoming; SF includes retiring cllr full year) Fine Gael (9 Cllrs): €31,624 Fianna Fáil (11 Cllrs): €29,531 Labour (2 Cllrs): €25,480 Non-Party (6 Cllrs): … Continue reading

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For @SinnFeinIreland #budget2018 is about choosing a side. #sfonyourside Príomh-mholtaí Shinn Féin:

Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael have chosen their side – it is the same side they have chosen since the foundation of the state – the side of the elites, the bankers, the property developers, the crony politicians. With this … Continue reading

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No: the EU/ECB/IMF/Troika did NOT “bail out Irish banks” nor “rescue” Ireland

… We rescued them. Just to clarify and back up my mention of this on Alan Corcoran’s show on South East Radio last week: Ireland has paid 42% of the total cost of the European banking crisis, at a cost … Continue reading

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“The right choices were not made in Budget 2013”

“This budget will cost the average Wexford family €790 per annum. That amounts to health insurance for two children or six weeks of food shopping. This budget ignores the wish of the vast majority of people for the abolition of … Continue reading

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