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No: the EU/ECB/IMF/Troika did NOT “bail out Irish banks” nor “rescue” Ireland

… We rescued them. Just to clarify and back up my mention of this on Alan Corcoran’s show on South East Radio last week: Ireland has paid 42% of the total cost of the European banking crisis, at a cost … Continue reading

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Grand Theft Water

Some people have asked me about those “Irish Water” forms going out. Here’s what I think so far (an opinion – not infallible):

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ESRI Forecasting accuracy: Some track record

Buyer Beware on latest government uptalk re: 50,000 jobs predicted by ESRI… Broad comment and criticism of ESRI: Buck Stops Here – Irish Independent, June 2010 The ESRI forecast record (Community Comments) – The Irish Economy Blog, June 2010 ESRI … Continue reading

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No justification for abandoned buildings during social housing crisis

Waiting lists for local authority houses are growing across County Wexford,” Mr O’ Connell said. “This is down to the recession and the fact that social housing spending has been slashed by 19% since Fine Gael and Labour entered power … Continue reading

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Emigration is vote of no-confidence in government

“For every ten jobs that existed in 2008, only four remain today. The result is that 86,870 people left this country last year – a demographic tidal wave of economic refugees unequalled since the Famine. Our neighbours and loved ones … Continue reading

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“The right choices were not made in Budget 2013”

“This budget will cost the average Wexford family €790 per annum. That amounts to health insurance for two children or six weeks of food shopping. This budget ignores the wish of the vast majority of people for the abolition of … Continue reading

Posted in Budget, Cutbacks / Austerity, Sinn Féin Alternative | Tagged | Leave a comment Making the Right Choices The Sinn Féin alternative – my first post contains personal notes and initial responses from my participation in the South East Radio discussion today [see below the break here]. More updates, information and analysis to … Continue reading

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Sinn Fein in protests against Tory & FG/Labour cuts

 Sinn Féin is opposed to Tory cuts agenda | Sinn Féin: Sinn Féin MLA Alex Maskey speaking after today’s meeting of the Executive said; “Sinn Féin is fundamentally opposed to the austerity policies and cuts agenda of the British Tory … Continue reading

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