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Problems with Proposed amendments to Standing Orders 53 & 54

Either a meeting is public, or it isn’t; It is quite acceptable that some meetings are “in committee” – data protection, robust commentary and lack of showboating eg – and these proposed rules should apply then; If a meeting is … Continue reading

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#TunEstPasCharlie : Free Speech, Censorship, & Their Discontents

In no particular order or personal preference, and solely for the purposes of provoking thought and debate on these topics: Irish Independent (Charlie Weckler): We are hypocrites on Charlie Hebdo and freedom of speech Take France, the epicentre of attention … Continue reading

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Haaretz: “10,000 protest in Tel Aviv for a just peace, end to occupation”

H/T to Rabbi Lerner at Tikkun/Network of Spiritual Progressives: Author David Grossman speaks at a pro-peace rally in Tel Aviv, Aug. 16, 2014.Photo by Moti Milrod ‘Thousands of demonstrators gathered Saturdayevening for a pro-peace rally in Tel Aviv under … Continue reading

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UPDATE: So, what is Sinn Féin’s position on Gaza?

UPDATE: Thanks to the many who signed Book of Solidarity for Gaza on a very rainy Saturday in Wexford Bull Ring; this will tour county, be presented to Palestinian Ambassador. Watch my twitter feed @OisinSF for updates. I recently received … Continue reading

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Torture By Any Other Name

Some background on “Extraordinary Rendition” (from sources that are hardly “anti-American”): Torture By Any Other Name – Phillip Giraldi (retired CIA Case Officer and US Army Intelligence Officer); Rendition unto Caesar – Paul Craig Roberts (former Assistant Secretary of the … Continue reading

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