Passed: My New Ross Municipal Motions, Wed 14/Dec (estate anti-soc behavior, & demographic policy, CCTV Taghmon):

5.1 Notice of Motion –
This municipal council requests as a matter of urgency, a briefing and explanation by the housing officials on A. Policies on dealing with anti-social behaviour in social-housing estates; B. Policies on achieving demographic and community balance within these estates; (We also invite representatives from the Gardaí and Social Work offices to attend and contribute suggestions or explain their own policies.)

5.2 Notice of Motion –                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

This municipal council requests a costing for CCTV security on the main street, and playground, in Taghmon (and any other areas of concern councillors may suggest).

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Motions: passed (@wexfordcoco ) #BCG (TB) vaccinations, & #SolarFarms

This council notes:- That as recently as the international 2005 survey, over half of European countries give BCG (TB) vaccinations to children up to 12 years old[1];

– That there is currently only one, sole, approved manufacturer & seller of BCG Vaccine in the entire EU;

– That even were a selective regime of administering to at-risk population adopted, this would comprise 13% of this state’s population[2];
This council this requests the relevant ministers, departments, and appropriate agencies:

– to update us on what steps are being taken by this state and government to secure a ready supply of BCG Vaccine – regardless of regime adopted for administration – and when this will be available again.
Acknowledging both the importance of renewable energy, entrepreneurial innovation, and community needs and wishes; 

This Council –

– Advises the relevant Ministers, government and state departments, that future state subsidies or special tariffs for solar energy, should only accrue to any commercial solar energy development within this County, that either 

a) Abides by a specific commercial solar-energy planning policy, to be determinedby the members of this Council; or

b) Abides by a state-wide minimum set of planning standards, that we urge the Government and Dáil to formulate;

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If you want to know how & why #Trump won, you need to read these 5 articles

Trump’s win and the challenges it poses to the Democrats
National Catholic Reporter

Myopia characterizes all subcultures, but the myopia of Washington is uniquely blinding, and nowhere more so than in the precincts of the left.

How Half Of America Lost Its F**king Mind

I was born and raised in Trump country. My family are Trump people. If I hadn’t moved away and gotten this ridiculous job, I’d be voting for him. I know I would.
How Trump Won

Jacobin Magazine

The Democratic Party’s abandonment of the working class cleared the space for Trump.
The Democrats Screwed Up

New York Times

Political correctness has morphed into a moral purity that may feel exhilarating but isn’t remotely tactical. It’s a handmaiden to smugness and sanctimony, undermining its own goals.

Trump: Tribune Of Poor White People

The American Conservative

The two political parties have offered essentially nothing to these people for a few decades. From the Left, they get some smug condescension, an exasperation that the white working class votes against their economic interests because of social issues, a la Thomas Frank (more on that below). Maybe they get a few handouts, but many don’t want handouts to begin with.  
From the Right, they’ve gotten the basic Republican policy platform of tax cuts, free trade, deregulation, and paeans to the noble businessman and economic growth. Whatever the merits of better tax policy and growth (and I believe there are many), the simple fact is that these policies have done little to address a very real social crisis. More importantly, these policies are culturally tone deaf: nobody from southern Ohio wants to hear about the nobility of the factory owner who just fired their brother.

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#MentalHealth public meeting, Tue 1/Nov, @TheRiverside Pk Hotel, Enniscorthy. W/@MaryLouMcDonald & Cllr @JohnnyMythenSF


Mary Lou McDonald TD:

Cllr Johnny Mythen:

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Motion – passed: calling for action on cannabidiol-based medicine

I am aware of people having to forgo paying basic utility bills, to pay exorbitant prices on the black market, for what ought to be prescribed by a doctor, or adminstered by a nurse.

This is because certain cannibidiol substances, seem to have a greatly beneficial effect on the relief of some cancer symptoms (and perhaps more than that).

If a person sees a relative suffering, and their choices are chemotherapy (a kind of chemical blanket-bombing of the body), or morphine (resulting ultimately in coma), can we blame them if they pursue another alternative? One that can remarkably seem to allow the sufferer to live out the remainder of their life consciously, relatively comfortably? (I want to point out: there may be very good reasons for choosing these options; not everyone reacts the same to any treatment; not everything is as simplistic as that sentence. It ought to be a fully-informed decision between doctor and patient). 

Codeine and Morphine are both chemical analogues of cocaine and opium. Yet people are not forced to transact with black market networks when they need them – as I didn’t have to when I tore an Achilles Tendon.

It should be a matter between a doctor and her patient. It should be something that can be properly prescribed and adminstered, if beneficial.

It is however, a matter for the Irish Medical Council to decide the efficacy of drugs. It is a matter for the Oireachtas to change law in case of a controlled substance. They have managed to do so for codeine and morphine, they should do so for cannabidiols for cancer patients if the IMC agrees.

This has already been done for Sativex (which has cannabidiols) for MS sufferers. However there was a delay of several years which I think unnecessary and inhumane.


This council:

– requests the Irish Medical Council expeditiously examine the therapeutic, palliative and pain relief potential of Cannabidiol-type chemicals and derivatives (note: different from plant and material sources); with a view as to whether these can be recommended for licensing, import, and prescription;

– demands that the Minister of Health, and all legislators of the Oireachtas, expedite any such medical recommendations by the Irish Medical Council in future;

– request that state agencies show a common sense and compassionate attitude in any interim period.


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‘Back to School’ for Wexford Business Owners & Entrepreneurs (by @WexfordCoCo Local Enterprise Office)

Wexford County Council’s Local Enterprise Office
launches its Autumn range of business courses

The Local Enterprise Office (LEO) in Wexford County Council has just unveiled its Autumn suite of business courses and clinics. The courses are open to everyone and include everything you need to develop and improve your business, including Facebook for Business, “greening” your business to save money, and a range of book-keeping courses.

There are half-day courses and multi-part learning programmes on offer as well as one-to-one clinics where an expert will help you with a specific aspect of your business.

Courses are run at different locations around County Wexford ensuring that the LEO’s reach stretches to every corner of the county. For example, the LEO’s flagship course, their 10-week ‘Start Your Own Business’ programme runs at business and enterprise centres in each of County Wexford’s four municipal districts.

Upskilling and improving the capacity of Wexford’s community of entrepreneurs is a key goal for the Local Enterprise Office. Starting a business is a daunting challenge. The work of the Local Enterprise Office with the support of Wexford County Council aims to make that challenge a little easier for the people of Wexford by equipping them with the skills and confidence to run successful home-grown enterprises.

Head of Enterprise at Wexford County Council is Tom Banville. “‘At Wexford Local Enterprise Office we offer a modern and diverse selection of courses that are relevant to running a business today” said Mr. Banville. “From social media marketing courses to how to tender successfully for government contracts and much more – it’s about helping entrepreneurs in Wexford to grow their businesses and compete successfully in their given fields, both nationally and internationally. As their businesses grow, more jobs are created for the people of Wexford and everybody benefits”.

All the courses and clinics are subsidised to make them affordable to small business owners as they start and grow their businesses. Many of the courses are subsidised further for those participants who are currently unemployed and wish to upskill in order to re-enter the workforce.

Visit to see the full list of courses, workshops, and clinics on offer this Autumn and book your place today.


Media Enquiries to:David Minogue, Communications Officer

T:053 91 96680
M:087 7619555

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Former Co. Cllr & Wexford Cathaoirleach Pat Codd, Taghmon, RIP

Wexford County Council Press Statement – Thursday 21 July 2016.

It is with great shock & sadness that the Members and staff of Wexford County Council have learned of the untimely death of well-known former Councillor, Mr. Pat Codd, Taghmon.

Pat was a much admired and respected member of Wexford County Council for almost 20 years, having been co-opted onto the Council on 13th February, 1995 to replace Avril Doyle and serving until his retirement in 2014. Pat also served as Cathaoirleach of the Council in 2006/2007.

Councillor Paddy Kavanagh, Cathaoirleach of Wexford County Council led tributes to Mr. Codd. “Pat was a caring and committed public representative, whose untimely passing has deeply saddened his many friends from inside and outside the political arena” said Councillor Kavanagh, adding “Our thoughts and prayers are with Pat’s wife Alice and his family at this very sad time”

Councillor Kavanagh spoke of the high esteem in which Pat was held by all who knew him and in particular the regard in which he continued to be held by all members of Wexford County Council. “Pat was a skilled and thoughtful politician whose absolute passion was to support his local community in every way possible. Pat’s untimely passing is very sad indeed, not just for Wexford County Council but for the wider community whom Pat continued to faithfully and passionately serve long after he retired from politics.”

Deputy Chief Executive of Wexford County Council, Ms. Annette O’Neill also paid tribute to Mr. Codd. “It was my privilege & pleasure to have worked with Pat for many years” said Ms. O’Neill. “Pat was enthusiastic, passionate and dedicated to the needs of the people of County Wexford and his beloved Taghmon. He was much admired by his fellow councillors and by the many staff who worked with Pat on a daily basis throughout his political life.

On behalf of the entire staff I extend my deepest sympathy to his family on their very sad loss”.


Media Enquiries to:David Minogue, Communications Officer

M:087 7619555

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New Ross Civic Awards 2016: the Honours List & recipient info #NRCivicAwards





1. Tadgh Furlong

Collected by Margaret Furlong (Mother)

Presented by Cllr Willie Fitzharris


Ireland Rugby Union caps and played in 2015 Rugby World Cup



2. Joanne Richards

Collected by Natasha Murphy (Mother)

Presented by Cllr John Fleming


Boxing – World Bronze medal + international gold medal



Collected by Alex Kelly 

Presented by Cllr Michael Sheehan


NR Sea Scouts – 50 years service



Collected by Courtney Smith

Presented by Cllr Anthony Connick


Irish National Minus 51kg Champion

World Minus 51kg Bronze medalist


Collected by Mark Doyle, Conor Murphy, Dean O Neill, Jimmy Goggins (Sub)

Presented by Cllr Oisin O Connell


All Ireland Championships 2015 (Part of a team of 6 + 2 Subs – other four are from outside New Ross Municipal District)



6. Mark Doyle & Conor Murphy – St Fantan’s, Taghmon

Collected by Mark Doyle & Conor Murphy

Presented by Cllr Michael Whelan


Boys U13 Doubles National Cuman na mBunscoil 40×20 Handball winners

(Mark Doyle is also the world under 13 doubles winner, with Josh Kavanagh, St Joseph’s Wexford in Calgary, Canada)



7. Barry McWilliams

Collected by Barry McWilliams

Presented by Cllr Martin Murphy


All Ireland Masters Singles ‘B’ (Over 40) 40×20 Handball Winner

All Ireland 60X30, 35 and over doubles winner (with Gavin Buggy, St Joseph’s, Wexford)



8. Robert  Doyle

Collected by Robert Doyle

Presented by Cllr Willie Fitzharris


World Title 45 and over ‘B’singles

All Ireland 40 x20 45 and Over ‘B’ singles title



9. Ryan Carthy Walsh

Collected by Ryan Carthy Walsh

Presented by Cllr John Fleming


High Jump – Silver in European youth Olympics 2015

National Indoor High Jump title under 17 and has the record 

National Junior Indoor title (Under 20) 2015 and 2016

Secondary School All Ireland title 2015 and 2016

Outdoor Under 17 National Title and holds the record 2015

National Under 18 Indoor title 2016





10. John Whelan

Collected by John Whelan

Presented by Cllr Michael Whelan


Ploughing – National and World Champion



Collected by Matt Ryan

Presented by Cllr Michael Sheehan


World Pipe Band Champions 2012 and 2013

All Ireland Champions 2012 and 2013

Scottish Champions 2013

All Ireland Runners Up 2014 and 2015



Collected by Peter English (Brother)

Presented by Cllr John Fleming


CEO Special Olympics



Collected by Raphael O’ Connell (Wife)

Presented by Cllr Oisin O’ Connell


Inducted into the Irish America Hall of Fame in 2015



Collected by Shannon Mernagh

Presented by Cllr Anthony Connick


Archery – – European Gold medalist 2014 – World Bowhunter bronze medalist 2015



15. Grace Banville

Collected by Grace Banville

Presented by Cllr Martin Murphy


Kick Boxing – Minus 60kg National Junior Female Champion 2013

                     Minus 65kg National Junior Female Champion 2014

                     Gold in World Championships in Italy 2013

                     Five Nations Title 2014

     Gold in Light Contact in World Championships in 2015 

     Silver in Full Contact in World Championships in 2015  



16. Transition Year, Our Lady of Lourdes Secondary School

Collected by Amy Hogan

Presented by Cllr Michael Sheehan


National winners of Young Social Innovators2015/16 



Collected by Captains Daragh Lyons (Joint Captain Luke Sinnott unavailable)

Presented by Cllr Michael Whelan


All-Ireland title winners



Collected by Captain Andrew Walsh (Joint Captain Thomas O Connor unavailable)

Presented by Cllr Willie Fitzharris


All-Ireland title winners

19. John Evoy

Founder of Mens’ Shed Ireland

Person of the Year 2015


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Inis Corthaidh | #EnniscorthyRising #jointherising 1916-2016 republican commemoration


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Loch Garman | Wexford town, #EasterRising Sunday 1916 centenary republican commemoration


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