#TerraNostra Exhibition talk 3 @WexLibraries Wexford Town today 7pm – Tom Mooney, poets & landscape

Date: Thursday April 5th, 2018.

Time: 19:00

Venue: Wexford Town Library

Guest Speaker: Tom Mooney

The relationship between Irish writers, specifically poets, and the landscape, has been the source of a pervasive tradition, where mystery, belonging and alienation are omnipresent. As part of the ongoing Terra Nostra exhibition and series of lectures, writer and book reviewer for The Sunday Times, Tom Mooney, will examine the work of contemporary Irish poets to explore the layers of story and meaning, and show how the landscape is freshly minted by their verse.

Advance booking not necessary. All are welcome to attend.

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Winter is coming… plan for a harsh one in 2018/19

So. That was something. Don’t remember two big snows in succession like that before – in Ireland anyway. Nor snow at St. Patrick’s Day parade – outside of New York.

Did notice (since I am an Astronomy geek – not a meteorological expert, note) that those two Artic Winters we had in 2010 and 2011, closely followed a sunspot minimum.

And that after a period of several years with no sunspot-free days, last year it was 28% with 104 days sunspot free. And we are batting for 54% free days (42) in 2018 so far:

[Sun-]Spotless Days


2018 total: 42 days (54%)
2017 total: 104 days (28%)
2016 total: 32 days (9%)
2015 total: 0 days (0%)
2014 total: 1 day (<1%)
2013 total: 0 days (0%)
2012 total: 0 days (0%)
2011 total: 2 days (<1%)
2010 total: 51 days (14%)
2009 total: 260 days (71%)

Sunspots are like a sign of agitation in the sun. Roughly speaking: the more agitation (the more sunspots and less sunspot-free days), on the sun, the greater radiance of energy. Usually small percentages – but perhaps enough to affect some of Earth’s climate or weather systems – in ocean and atmosphere mechanisms. There are several theories as to how this might happen, and certainly none are

conclusive yet.

However: below are some science extracts, that may indicate we are headed for another – perhaps harsher – winter at the end of this year or beginning of 2019. Perhaps increasingly so, over the next couple of decades.

Are you winterready.ie ?

Clear link between solar activity and winter weather revealed

October 10, 2011
by Tamera Jones, PlanetEarth Online


Scientists have demonstrated a clear link between the 11-year sun cycle and winter weather over the northern hemisphere for the first time.

They found that low solar activity can contribute to cold winters in the UK, northern Europe and parts of America. But high activity from the sun has the opposite effect.

The study helps explain why the UK has been gripped by such cold winters over the last few years: the sun is just emerging from a so-called solar minimum, when solar activity is at its lowest.

The long sunspot cycle 23 predicts a significant temperature decrease in cycle 24

Jan-Erik Solheim a,n, Kjell Stordahl b, Ole Humlum c,d

Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics


This analysis shows significant dependency between the pre- vious sunspot cycle length and the temperature…

 short cycles like the one that ended in 1996, have only been observed three times in 300 years. After the shortest cycles, sudden changes too much longer cycles have always taken place, and thereafter there is a slow shortening of the next cycles, which take many cycles to reach a new minimum. This recurrent pattern tells us that we can expect several long cycles in the next decades…

 de Jager and Duhau (2011) concludes that the solar activity is presently going through a brief transition period (2000–2014), which will be followed by a Grand Minimum of the Maunder type, most probably starting in the twenties of the present century. Another prediction, based on reduced solar irradiance due to reduced solar radius, is a series of lower solar activity cycles leading to a Maunder like minimum starting around 2040 (Abdussamatov, 2007)…L

Our forecast indicates an annual average temperature drop of 0.9 1C in the Northern Hemisphere during solar cycle 24. For the measuring stations south of 75N, the temperature decline is of the order 1.0–1.81C and may already have already started. For Svalbard a temperature decline of 3.5 1C is forecasted in solar cycle 24 for the yearly average temperature. An even higher temperature drop is forecasted in the winter months (Solheim et al., 2011).

For some balance, this study finds a weaker correlation – as I understand it, between Solar Cycle and weather system direction, rather than temperature as such:


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Dare to be Wild @WexfordCoCo #TerraNostra talk w/Mary Reynolds, Jim Hurley 5:30pm today

Date: Thursday, March 15th

Time: 5:30pm

Speakers:  Nature Expert Jim Hurley & Reformed Gardener and Nature Activist Mary Reynolds

Venue: Wexford County Council Offices, Carricklawn, Wexford

Booking not necessary, all are welcome to attend.

For more information on the exhibition & other talks please see:


•  “Stepping back into our roles as guardians of the earth‘. Mary Reynolds will explore the  deep connection we have broken with the earth which has left  us lost, spaced out and aimless. She explains easy ways to restore the connection and heal the hole in our hearts that  we tore when we forgot who we are in the circle of life on  the earth.”

Mary grew up on a small mixed farm in Wexford, in the south of  Ireland. 20 years ago she set up her own company designing  gardens in Dublin. A few years later, having lost the will  to live from constantly creating modern gardens, she  realised that she could no longer continue shaping land in  the same way and re-imagined her work to become nature  rather than human centred.

Mary brought her new, still relatively unformed ideas to be showcased at the  Chelsea flower show in London where she achieved a gold  medal, unusual at the time for a first-time effort. Since  that time, she has built up quite a cult following in the  world of garden design and is considered unique in her  field.

Another U-turn came a few years ago when Mary realised we had to rethink the whole  relationship we had with the land and re-examine what it  means to truly design in harmony with nature. Those latest revelations lead to ‘The Garden Awakening – Designs to  Nurture Our Land and Ourselves’ being born.

This book was written at night, over four  years, when her two young kids were asleep… and Mary was  almost awake. It was published in 2016.

Mary has been known to present telly programmes about garden  design and do the odd garden makeover on the box. She also  gives talks and workshops about her work and beliefs. The  Irish writer and director Vivienne De Courcy made a movie  about a journey in Mary’s life when she made a wild garden  at England’s R.H.S Chelsea flower show while  simultaneously chasing a very handsome man to Ethiopia and  back. She’s trained as a Reiki master, is not a bad cook  (to her mother’s eternal surprise) and she likes to  campaign against evil multinational efforts to cull us all  off with pesticides, herbicides and GMO’s. She spends a  lot of time growing and guiding her own land into a place  where people can come and stay and learn, but most of her  time is spent being a harassed single mum, trying to grow  two cheeky but wonderful boy and girl monsters and a crazy  golden-doodle with as much grace and love as  possible.

• Jim Hurley will be talking us on a virtual  walk of one of the most interesting areas of South East  Wexford, departing from Kilmore Quay.

Jim Hurley is south Wexford’s keenest promoter of its wonderful natural heritage. The retired  Biology teacher has lived here for more than 50 years. He  has come to appreciate the flora and fauna of a region which  boasts no less than 14 officially designated sites of  significant scientific importance.

There is scarcely a bird or a flower to be found between Rosslare and  Templetown that he has not rejoiced in and written about.

His love affair with Kilmore began by chance  back in 1965, when as a recent graduate in science from UCD,  he was recruited by County Wexford VEC to set up the  laboratory in the new Bridgetown School.

His knowledge of the sea breezy environment has been shared with  readers of this newspaper since 1981. His column run without  break for over 33 years. His success is also attributed to  the excellence of his own teaching at Bridgetown, his  involvement with the Irish Wildbird Conservancy, work on the  preparation of Ferrycarrig Heritage Park, and his  willingness at all times to give talks or lectures on any  matter connected with nature.

For Jim Hurley, nature is for everyone and should be celebrated by as many as possible.

‘There is room for more people to enjoy the  south Wexford coast,’ he says simply. ‘Some have a  technical or scientific interest but for ordinary people too  it is a wonderful amenity. People should be encouraged to  enjoy it.’

See also:



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Excited about @thelodgersmovie in @StMichaelsTheat – thanks! Big win for http://wexfordfilmlocations.ie/ & @wexfordcoco too


Home is where the ghosts are in the moldy Gothic horror of The Lodgers

If you’ve got at your disposal a location as perfect as Loftus Hall—the 14th century manor home and self-proclaimed “most haunted house in Ireland”—it’d be a sin not to make a horror movie there. The ready availability of weathered old buildings and misty forests in rural Ireland is certainly an asset for The Lodgers, the second feature from Brian O’Malley (Let Us Prey).

The Lodgers’ Eugene Simon believes in psychic phenomena, but draws the line at ghosts

Game Of Thrones star Eugene Simon’s new project, The Lodgers, has the characteristics of an old-fashioned, supernatural horror film: a period setting, a crumbling family estate, a set of mysterious twins, and, of course, ghosts.



Irish gothic chiller “The Lodgers” made me wish we lived in a world where this type of film wasn’t so rare that its very existence wasn’t a source of novelty… one thing that the makers of “The Lodgers” do deliver is a unique setting.



An oppressively heavy gothic atmosphere squeezes most of the shocks out of the Irish ghost story “The Lodgers.”

… for viewers who take it more as a moody, metaphorical historical drama than as an out-and-out horror film, there’s a lot in this lush-looking, sensitively acted picture to recommend.

…”The Lodgers” is set on an imposing estate, “played” on film by a 700-year-old mansion.



If you, like me, are a sucker for a) crumbling Gothic mansions where things go bump in the night, b) period costumes involving “French Lieutenant’s Woman”-esque hooded cloaks, out of which one may gaze pensively sideways, c) mysterious secrets concealed in attractive lockets, d) excellent linen bedding and lace curtains, and e) dramatic things happening on and around grand staircases, allow me to recommend the Irish thriller “The Lodgers…”

… because it offers the beautifully-shot pleasures of a) through e)… Filmed at the breathtaking Loftus Hall, a real-life haunted mansion in County Wexford, Ireland


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#TerraNostra – 1st in Series of talks – this evening at 5.30pm, Carricklawn HQ Block A

The first of a series of talks to be held in conjunction with the Terra Nostra Exhibition takes place this evening at 5.30pm in the downstairs meeting room of Block A.

Our guest speakers this evening are Pádraic Fogarty, Ecologist & Campaign Officer with the Irish Wildlife Trust & Brendan McGrath, Landscape Architect & Author

All are welcome to attend.

Pádraic Fogarty, Ecologist & Campaign Officer with the Irish Wildlife Trust

Pádraic Fogarty is an ecologist and environmental scientist. He has served as chairman of the Irish Wildlife Trust, an environmental charity, and is currently their campaign officer and (until recently) editor of ‘Irish Wildlife’ magazine. He is author of ‘Whittled Away – Ireland’s Vanishing Nature’, which was published in 2017 by Collins Press.

Presentation:  ‘What you see is not what you get ‘Ecological collapse in a beautiful country’ – how our perceptions do not reflect reality

Brendan McGrath, Landscape Architect & Author

Brendan lives in the Burren, County Clare and is a town planner by profession. He has spent most of his professional life in Ireland but has also worked in Papua New Guinea and in a number of African countries. Over the past year he has been preparing a management plan for the Burren National Park. Brendan is very interested in landscape; how we affect it and it affects us. He is the author of Landscape and Society in Contemporary Ireland, published by Cork University Press in 2013.

Presentation: Our affinity with landscape: an evolutionary perspective

Until fairly recently our affinity with landscape was understood in aesthetic, spiritual and philosophical terms. However, in recent decades there is increasing recognition of how important landscape is for our wellbeing and the extent to which we have an innate affinity for certain types of landscape.

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Extreme weather info county & municipal services updates: Tue 6/Mar

Water Supply Update – Tuesday 5 March 4pm

Enniscorthy Town
A Boil Water Notice remains in place in respect of the Enniscorthy Town public water supply until further notice.

Gorey Town

Reservoir levels have replenished overnight at Creagh Water Treatment Plant. Water should be gradually coming back with pressure building in the affected areas of Gorey (Ballytegan, Eire Street, Ramsfort Park, Creagh, Hollyfort Road, Gorey Hill, Carnew Road).
There is a burst in the Sean Lios and Ard Lios area which is currently causing disruption to supply. Supply is expected to return by 21:00 this evening

Wexford Town

Repairs complete at Edenvale following uprooting of pipes by fallen trees.  Supply returned to most areas of Wexford Town with levels in the reservoirs building.  Some areas may experience low pressures.
A burst in Newlands estate caused disruption to supply in the town today but has now been repaired.
Supply in the Mulgannon area is currently affected but is hoped to be restored by 7pm.

Barntown Taghmon

Supply in the Barntown and Taghmon areas is still disrupted but will be returning over night with all service expected to return to normal by tomorrow.
Tanker is in situ at Taghmon Village.  IBCs are located at Mother Hubbards.  Consumers are advised that tanker and IBC water must be boiled prior to use.

South Regional Water Supply

Supply interruptions continue across the South Regional Supply with outages continuing in some areas.  As reservoir levels build, supply will return throughout the region.  Tankers are in situ at Ramsgrange, Duncannon and Clongeen. Consumers are advised that tanker water must be boiled prior to use.

The public are asked to conserve water as supply returns and check vacant and holiday homes and mobile homes for leaks to assist with recovery of supply.

Air locks, pressure fluctuations and/or discolouration of water may be experienced when supply is restored.

Statement from National Emergency Co-ordination Group

Tuesday 6 March


[…]The situation across the country continues to improve with a gradual thaw well advanced in most areas.  However, issues persist in many areas principally Wexford, West Wicklow, North Kildare, upland areas in South Dublin and Waterford and across the country, through Tipperary and into South and East Galway.Work by the local authorities and their contractors continue to provide access to those who have been isolated by huge drifts blocking access. Communities are clearing roads themselves, matching the work of the local authorities in many cases.


Countrywide, the impact on water supply remains one of the big issues to be managed in the days and weeks ahead.

As is now established practice after such severe weather events, the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government has signalled the Government’s intention to fund local authorities for the exceptional and unbudgeted costs incurred in necessary immediate works associated with significant severe weather emergency events.

Each Department is being requested to quantify, in so far as this is possible at this stage, the estimates for loss and damage incurred within their sector.

Departments will liaise directly with the local authorities and other relevant agencies in relation to funding necessary repairs and restoration through current or capital allocations as appropriate.

In relation to damage to buildings and property which has been caused by the snow and wind, people should in the first instance get in touch with their insurance companies.

There are a number of existing emergency humanitarian support schemes that are operated by different Departments for sectors who may be impacted by flooding arising from severe weather. These include the Humanitarian Assistance Scheme operated by the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection, which is available to assist people whose homes are damaged by flooding and who are not in a position to meet costs for essential needs, household items and in some instances structural repair. The scheme is means tested and assistance is not provided for losses which are covered by insurance or for commercial and business losses.

The Irish Red Cross also operate Humanitarian Support Scheme for small businesses and community, voluntary and sporting bodies who are affected by flooding and who do not have insurance in place.The Department of Agriculture has been working constructively with industry and state services in the immediate aftermath of storm Emma to get the farming sector up and running and fully operational again as quickly as possible. In order to provide ongoing support to the sector the Department runs a number of investment schemes which are already in place.

The NECG will continue to meet and monitor the situation in the days ahead.

Wexford County Council – Storm Emma – Update Tuesday 6 March 3.00pm


Following days of continuous effort by the Council, and with tremendous assistance from all across the community, most roads in the county are now passable. We continue to advise road users to advise extreme care. A small number of minor roads in more inaccessible areas still require attention (less than 30 kms in total)  and our intention is to have all routes passable by close of business tomorrow.

With more frost forecast, local roads are likely to be in a very dangerous condition, so extreme caution is advised. There is continued risk of large amounts of snow, currently stacked on the roadside, falling back onto the road surface and creating a hazard.

We have placed a map on our website showing the locations of the small number of areas that remain impassable – this map will be reviewed continuously as further areas are cleared.


Our staff, assisted by almost ninety Defence Forces personnel are clearing footpaths in many of the towns. We are prioritising access to doctors surgeries, medical centres, chemists and also school locations, older persons estates etc. We thank the business community, private property owners and the wider community for their valued and continued assistance.


With the assistance of Irish Water, we have made very significant progress in the past 24 hours in restoring water supply across the county. Water tankers continue to be deployed in a small number of locations while bottled water has been supplied to vulnerable customers. We will progress the return of supply to customers throughout the day. Customers are reminded to conserve supply and to check all vacant properties for leaks.

A Boil Water Notice remains in place in respect of the Enniscorthy Town public water supply until further notice



All offices of Wexford County Council have returned to full operation. We can be contacted during business hours on 053 91 96000 or by email to postmaster@wexfordcoco.ie. Our Out-of-Hours Emergency Line 1890 666777 will be available as normal after 5pm to take emergency calls.

The Council’s Severe Weather Plan will remain in place for the next number of days as we continue to monitor weather reports and river levels.

The key messages are:


  • Exercise Extreme Care, especially when driving.
  • Beware also of possibility of snow and slates falling from roofs as the thaw continues.
  • Conserve water and check for leaks.
  • Continue to check on vulnerable neighbours
  • Contact Wexford County Council for any assistance that may be required.


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Extreme weather update: Co. Wexford & New Ross district, Mon 5/Mar

New Ross municipal update 5:30pm

Higher temperatures today really helped with thaw but temperatures are expected to drop to freezing tonight.

The usual Primary and Regional Roads will be salted as per normal operations. Other Regional and all Local roads will not be salted and will be extremely hazardous. We will not be able to respond to calls for salting in any areas outside the normal salting routes.

Water Services are working hard to restore supply from Ballycullane. Tankers are placed in Ramsgrange and Duncannon but water must be boiled before consumption. All vulnerable customers are being attended to be Water Services separately.

Offices will be open as normal from 9am tomorrow.

Water Update 4pm:

Repairs have now been completed at Wexford Town (Edenvale), Gorey and Taylorstown and water will slowly return to these areas

As the supply returns, customers should continue to conserve water in the interests of speeding up the filling of the network and the provision of supply to the outer areas  of the network – it may take a number of hours for the entire network to refill and all customers to receive water

Water 2pm:

South Regional Water Supply

Widespread water outage affecting South Regional Water Supply following the effects of Storm Emma. Areas affected are Ballycullane, Duncannon, Ballyhack, Arthurstown, Fethard, Hook, Duncormick, Campile . It is hoped that water supply will have returned to most areas by tonight.  Water Tanker in place at Ramsgrange School and Duncannon Church.  The public are asked to conserve water as supply returns and check vacant properties and holiday homes for leaks to assist with recovery of supply across the region.

Wexford Town

Water disruption across Wexford town is continuing with supply out in Coolcots, Townparks, Whitemill, Whiterock lower, Bishopswater, Ard Carman, St Aidans.  Other areas of town may be experiencing low pressure.  Wexford County Council are working to restore supply and hope to have supply returned to some areas later today, we are monitoring levels and making all efforts to return water to the public.  Water tankers are in situ around the town at Clonard Church carpark, Clonard Village, Mount Prospect and IBCs are located at Cois Carraige, Coolcots Community Centre and Mother Hubbards.  The public are asked to conserve water as supply returns and check vacant properties and holiday homes for leaks to assist with recovery of supply.


Water disruption across Barntown and Taghmon is continuing with supply out is in place today following the effects of Storm Emma. Wexford County Council are working to restore supply.  Water tankers are in situ around the town at Clonard Church carpark and Mother Hubbards.  The public are asked to conserve water as supply returns and check vacant properties and holiday homes for leaks to assist with recovery of supply.  Further updates to follow.

Gorey Town

Water disruption across Gorey town in the Gorey north and Irish Street areas today with supply out following the effects of Storm Emma. Wexford County Council are working to restore supply. IBCs will be provided at Ardmore, Kilnahule lane, The Lask, Gorey Hill, Westhill Park, Woodbury, Creagh woods, Hunters green, Creagh demense, Allenwood  dr, Ramsfort Avenue, Sean Doire, Baile Eoghain,Woodlawns manor, Willow park, Cois linne ,Eire st, Sean lios, Newborough. The public are asked to conserve water as supply returns and check vacant properties and holiday homes for leaks to assist with recovery of supply.  Further updates to follow.

New Ross Municipal District


Continuing progress is being made throughout the District.There is no area inaccessible in the District at this stage, thanks to the hard work of our operatives, local volunteer and community involvement.Most regional roads are passable with 2 way traffic cautiously. Work is now concentrated on local roads to provide 2 way access.All outdoor staff are out relieving melt water from roads to minimise flooding.New Ross town is clear, car parks available and clearance continuing in estates and approaching schools.


Until such time all public roads/estates are clear we will not be entering private property such as school grounds. It is  schools responsibility to clear its own premises, as the Good Counsel has done, to name but one school. It is the responsibility of each school to decide on reopening, in conjunction with their transport providers. The best indication we have is that schools aim to reopen tomorrow Tuesday. There may be some in rural areas that will not open until Wednesday.


There is an ongoing interruption of water supply from Ballycullane affecting about 1,000 customers. We are delivering bottled water to vulnerable customers affected. There is a water tanker in Ramsgrange and will be in Duncannon today. Every effort is being made to restore this supply.


Power has been restored to all customers in the District.

County Council offices New Ross

The Tholsel and Library will open to the public tomorrow, Tues.There are staff at work in the Tholsel today assisting with emergency and water related calls.Co Hall will open to the public tomorrow Tues. The emergency call centre is live today in Co Hall at 053 91 96000.

Irish Water – Alternative water supplies in place in Wexford as work continues to restore normal supply to all customers

4th March 2018 Update – Irish Water is working with Wexford County Council to resolve outstanding water supply issues associated with the recent spell of extreme weather. Approximately 5,000 customers in Wexford town remain without water due to a burst watermain. Crews have been on site throughout the day and are working to repair the burst and restore water supply as quickly as possible In the meantime alternative water supplies will be available at the following locations:·         Cois Carrige Estate

·         Coolcotts Community Centre

·         Mother Hubbards Barntown

·         St. Josephs Community Centre

·         Mount Prospect Estate

·         Clonard Village Estate

·         Clonard Church Carpark

·         Ramsgrange Church

Irish Water makes every effort to ensure that the alternative drinking water supply provided, including the tanker/bowser, and dispensing tap, are adequately disinfected. However, as it is not practical to provide sterilised containers for the public to transport drinking water from the tanker to their homes, we cannot guarantee that any containers used by the public do not negatively impact or contaminate the drinking water. Therefore people are advised to boil this water before use.

In order to allow reservoirs to refill over the coming days, customers are urged to conserve water where possible by not running taps unnecessarily, taking showers instead of baths and checking for leaks in their properties. Irish Water is especially appealing to anyone with an outside tap to ensure that it is securely turned off. A constant flow from an external tap over 24 hours is the equivalent of the usage of 40 households in the same period.

Irish Water and Wexford County Council would like to apologise to customers for the inconvenience this is causing and assures customers that repairs will be completed as soon as possible.

Updates will be posted to the supply and service section of Irish Water’s website at www.water.ie/water-supply/supply-and-service-update/ or via the 24/7 customer care line at 1850 278 278.


Thaw prompts flood concerns

Irish Water Safety has warned people to avoid lakes, streams and rivers as flooding is expected in the coming days once the recent snowfall begins to melt. The warning came as tidal flooding again hit Salthill, Clontarf, Sandycove and Dún Laoghaire in Dublin, while Cork city and county was on high alert for a sea surge from Storm Emma. Such is the height of the tides that warnings have also been issued for parts of Waterford, Dundalk, Wexford, Wicklow, parts of the Shannon Estuary and Limerick.

Irish Independent   The Journal Copyright © 2018 LGiU Ireland, All rights reserved

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Update 9pm: Extreme weather/storm Emma update Sun 4/Mar

Wexford County Council Extreme Weather Event-Update Sunday 4 March 21:30 hrs.


National / Regional Roads

Wexford County Council has now cleared all National and Regional roads in County Wexford to a point where they are passable with care.


Local Roads

Throughout the day and with significant help from local landowners, members of the farming community, contractors, owners of heavy equipment and the general public, many local roads are also passable – though we continue to urge drivers to proceed with extreme caution.

Drivers should note that many local roads may have just a single narrow lane open, with large volumes of snow on both sides of the road, and the public should exercise caution and extend courtesy to oncoming vehicles as they drive these roads in the coming days. Drivers should also be aware of the danger of ponding of water, particularly on local roads, as the snow continues to melt.

Other Roads

Due to the scale of the snowfall Wexford County Council continues to request assistance from the public in clearing snow from footpaths in front of their premises in urban areas and clearing snow from roads and footpaths in housing estates.

In addition, where it is considered safe to do so, people with equipment such as high-power tractors with loading shovels etc are encouraged to assist in clearing snow from local roads, but to do so safely and to avoid creating any additional hazards

Water Supplies

Throughout the day crews worked to restore water supply to many parts of the county. In conjunction with Irish Water, the Council has succeeded in restoring supply to Gorey and Kilmore areas – though customers should note it may take some hours for the pipework to refill and water pressure to be restored.

Some 15,000 customers remain without water supply this evening, mainly in the Wexford Town area. Water tankers have been made available in a number of locations in Wexford and it is expected that supply will be restored later tomorrow evening or latest Tuesday.

Flood Risk

Wexford County Council has no immediate concerns regarding the possibility of flooding. However, we continue to carefully monitor the situation and we have contingency plans in place, should the situation change over the coming days.


The Department of Defence and Wexford Civil Defence continue to provide cover to the HSE and Ambulance Service. They are assisted this evening by Civil Defence personnel from Tipperary and Laois, while civil defence teams from Dublin, Waterford and Kilkenny are on standby to provide further resources if required.

Emergency Call Centre

All public offices of Wexford County Council offices remain closed tomorrow Monday 5 March. We wish to reassure the public that our Emergency Call Centre 053 91 96000 will continue to operate from 9.00am to 5.00pm to take emergency calls.

Emergency calls can also be emailed to stormemmaec@wexfordcoco.ie

Wexford County Council Crisis Management Team, together with representatives of An Garda Siochána, HSE, Department of Defence, Wexford Civil Defence and the Ambulance Service will meet again tomorrow to review and further co-ordinate the response to this extreme weather event.

Please be advised that all offices of Wexford County Council including all libraries will remain closed for normal business on Monday 5th March. The Emergency Call Centre will remain in operation on 053-9196000 from 9am – 5pm on Monday. Out of hours Emergency number : 1890 666 777.

All Wexford National Primary Routes now passable with extreme care by cars.

New Ross Municipal District

We are making significant progress on yesterday, the rising temperature is assisting the hard work on the ground.

We have full clearing operation in place again today throughout the District and have achieved access to most areas.

The primary and regional roads are passable. The aim is to connect villages to main roads. That might only be on one route from a main road with single lane access today. Once we establish an access we will return to clear further. Access on local roads is must be with extreme care.

New Ross town is clear and accessible. Entrance to many estates has been cleared and will continue. It’s really helpful when residents lend a hand and clear footpaths in estates.

Power supply has been restored at Ballycullane in last hour and ESB is working hard to repair fault to reservoir in the coming hours to allow water supply to be restored. Bealistown 38kVa substation near Folksmills is still out affecting approx 3,000 or 4,000 customers.

A water tanker will be delivered to Ramsgrange Village this afternoon until that power and water supply is sorted.

WCC offices will not open to the public tomorrow Monday 05/03. The Crisis Management Team and the emergency call centre will operate from Co Hal from 9am to 5pm tomorrow Monday. We aim to open offices to the public and resume a full service on Tuesday.

Irish Water: Disruptions for some customers in Wexford town following recent spell of freezing weather

3rd March 2018 Update – Issues associated with the recent spell of freezing weather are leading to supply disruptions for Irish Water customers in Wexford town.  Irish Water and Wexford County Council are working to resolve these issues and carry out any necessary repairs as quickly as possible.

However, due to the complexity of the repairs and difficulty accessing the affected sites due to the weather conditions, water restrictions will be put in place in the town from 10pm this evening to 8am tomorrow (Sunday) morning. This is necessary in order to maintain critical supplies for Wexford Hospital.

Irish Water and Wexford County Council will begin to carry out repairs tomorrow (Sunday) morning and updates will be provided as this work progresses. Alternative water supplies will be put in place and details of the locations of these supplies will be posted on the Irish Water website and on local media during the course of the day.

In order to minimise water restrictions and allow the reservoirs to refill over the coming days, customers are urged to conserve water where possible by not running taps unnecessarily and taking showers instead of baths. Irish Water is especially appealing to anyone with an outside tap to ensure that it is securely turned off. A constant flow from an external tap over 24 hours is the equivalent of the usage of 40 households in the same period.

Irish Water and Wexford County Council would like to apologise to customers for the inconvenience this is causing and assures customers that repairs will be completed as soon as it is safe to do so.

Once further information is available we will issue another update. Updates will also be posted to the supply and service section of Irish Water’s website at http://www.water.ie/water-supply/supply-and-service-update/ or via the 24/7 customer care line at 1850 278 278.

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Extreme Weather Event/Storm Emma info update, Sat. 3/Mar.

WCC – Storm Emma Update – Saturday 3 Match – 18: 00 hrs

Wexford County Council – Extreme Weather Event Update Saturday 3 March 6.00pm

·       Substantial improvement in Wexford in relation to National routes, with the N25, N30 and N11 now accessible to 4×4 vehicles. These national routes are being salted regularly through the day to clear remaining snow and it is hoped that by tomorrow evening Sunday they will be accessible to cars….check our website for confirmation

·       Most regional routes have also been ploughed and also accessible to 4×4 vehicles – extreme caution advised

·       We have also allocated machinery and personnel to help the ESB reach power outages around the country, and we are working with Irish Water to restore water supplies to a number of locations around the county. At the height of the water supply issues, some 5000 customers were without supply. These repairs will continue tomorrow

·       The Department of Defence has send 50 troops to Wexford where they are now assisting in the cleanup operation. They have at their disposal 10 specialist vehicles, including 4 x 4 transport vehicles and a snow plough and these vehicles have been assigned to assist the HSE and ambulance service in responding to medical emergencies. Wexford Civil Defence continues to assist in this area

·       The public is asked to continue to be patient especially in relation to the clearing of more minor roads – it is likely to take the Council some days to reach on these. We very much acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of the local farming community in helping to clear these roads.

·       Extreme caution is advised if travelling on any roads over the next number of days

·       The Council’s Emergency Call Centre 053 91 96000 received almost 400 calls today. It will be manned by Council staff again tomorrow Sunday  between 9.00am and 5.00pm to take emergency calls.

·       The Council is closely monitoring the threat of flooding, and will keep the public fully updated over the next 24/48 hours in relation to same, while our staff are on standby to deal with any issues that may arise

·       Check Council website, our Twitter page, MapAlerter, local and national media for updates.

New Ross Municipal District updates


Conditions remain challenging but extensive works continuing is making some progress in the District. There is a slow thaw that is helping the cause.

The national primary routes, N25, N11, N30 are passable with extreme caution.

Most regional roads are passable with extreme caution. Roads between villages are being cleared.

Assistance is being given to ESB, Water Services, HSE and Fire Service as priority. ESB is working on major outages in substations in Folksmills, Saltmills

Most streets in New Ross town are passable with care except Mary St, William St and Cross Street and housing estates.

Again advice is to stay in today and hopefully conditions will be much improved tomorrow as a result of clearance works and thaw.


Progress was made in District today clearing roads thanks to the hard work of Council Staff, contractors, volunteers, rising temperature causing slow thaw and a splash of rain.

The large drifts on most roads are causing us most difficulty. Some drifts are 10/15 ft high and must be dug out.

All operations will continue tomorrow and we aim for and expect further good progress on regional roads and connecting villages. We should be in a position to start dealing with local roads during tomorrow. However snow melt water will cause ponding and local flooding on roads on the next few days.

Facilitating HSE/Ambulance Service, Fire Service and ESB will remain priorities for us.

ESB is being assisted in getting access to sub stations and fault locations to carry out repairs to restore supplies. Power outage is main contributor with water supply issues but Water Services is getting access to plants to maintain Water Supplies and are doing well.

New Ross Town is reasonably passable with care and we expect this to further improve tomorrow.

The WCC Emergency Call Centre will operate in Co Hall from 0900 to 1700 tomorrow Sunday and can be contact at 053 91 96000.

Irish Water: Update on water supply issues in Wexford

Water supply under pressure in areas of Wexford due to increased demand

Customers across the county are asked to conserve water

3rd March 2018 Update – Irish Water is advising customers in Wexford that due to the extremely cold weather conditions and exceptionally high water demand, some water treatment plants in the county are struggling to keep up with supply demands.

All customers are being asked to conserve water to avoid reservoirs emptying and water pressure to homes and businesses being affected.

Customers throughout the county are urged to conserve water by not running taps unnecessarily, taking showers instead of baths and to refrain from using dishwashers and washing machines.

Approximately 1,000 Irish Water customers served by the Fardystown Regional Water Supply Scheme in Co Wexford are experiencing supply disruptions due to a suspected burst pipe in the area.

Irish Water and Wexford County Council are assessing the situation and will begin work to repair the burst as soon as it safe to do so. If alternative water supplies are needed, they will be mobilised after the red weather warning has lifted.

Irish Water working in partnership with Wexford County Council would like to apologise to customers for the inconvenience this is causing.

Once further information is available we will issue another update. Updates will also be posted to the supply and service section of Irish Water’s website at http://www.water.ie/water-supply/supply-and-service-update/

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Extreme Weather Event Info update (on just about everything), Fri PM 2/March

From: Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government

Extreme Weather Event Information

Update from NECG at 19.00hrs on Friday 2 March 2018


• Snow is continuing to fall and will persist overnight and into tomorrow morning.

• A Red Level weather warning remains in place for Meath, Kildare, Dublin, Wexford and Wicklow. The status of the weather warnings will be kept under review.

• This weather event is ongoing and the south east appears to be particularly badly affected at present.

• The key public safety message remains to not undertake travel other than in exceptional circumstances, particularly in moving towards areas where RED Level warnings are in place where conditions continue to deteriorate.

• Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) and Local Authorities have been working to keep motorways open but this is challenging in areas where snow is still falling as fast, or faster than can be cleared. Keeping the M50 clear where it runs through foothills of Dublin Mountains is particularly challenging.

• Public transport  operators are working today to get limited services back up tomorrow

• Local coordination committees in every county are working to manage the situation locally and to begin restoration of services where possible.

• ESB Networks are dealing with a series of faults on the network and are endeavouring to restore supply in affected areas.

• Issues are emerging with regard to staffing of essential services, particularly in light of transport difficulties, and the HSE, local authorities and transport operators are liaising to ensure necessary arrangements are put in place where possible.

Safety Messages

• No unnecessary travel for safety reasons on our roads.

• Those that must make necessary  journeysexercise caution.

• ESB lines; Never touch fallen cables.

• Freezing slips and falls – wear appropriate clothing and only venture out when it safe to do so.

• Check on Vulnerable neighbours.

• Clear footpaths outside homes and businesses.

Met Eireann will be constantly updating information on their website and on twitter

Department of Transport

Transport Minister Shane Ross has appealed to people to take only ‘the most necessary of journeys’.


The National Transport Authority has contacted all transport operators. Each operator is currently assessing conditions. They each need to check if there has been any infrastructural damage and they have to check road conditions before they can bring staff to work. They hope to be operational as soon as is safely possible from tomorrow, Saturday 3rd March.

• Roads: Widespread heavy snow and ice around country leading to extremely treacherous driving conditions. Many roads are impassable, and others are passable with extreme difficulty. All motorways are open but not all lanes are open. N11, N25 and N24 are particularly challenging for clearing. Traffic updates can be found on the aa.ie and www.transportforireland.ie.

• Dublin Bus services are not operating today, Friday 2 March. Due to the Red Weather Warning in place until 18.00 for further snow with strong easterly winds combined with poor road conditions, Dublin Bus is not in a position to operate any services today. We apologise for the inconvenience caused, however this decision has been made in the interest of the safety of our customers and employees.

• No Rail services (DART, Intercity, Commuter services)

• No Luas services

• No Bus Éireann services will operate for the remainder of Friday, March 2 due to ongoing severe weather conditions and extremely challenging road conditions. This includes all city and town services, the Expressway intercity network, and Eurolines services to the UK. Bus Eireann anticipate that we may be able to resume a level of services in some parts of the country Saturday morning, dependent on the local road conditions. It is our aim to operate some services on the Expressway inter-city network, and possibly a level of regional city and town services, in less affected areas. However, there will not be any kind of full service schedule tomorrow due to difficult and dangerous road conditions in many parts of the country. We apologise for the inconvenience but safety of staff and customers is paramount.

• Local Link services are severely disrupted for Saturday /Sunday 03/04 March with a significant number of services cancelled. Please refer to your Local Link group for further information about service delivery in your area.

• Dublin Airport: airlines have suspended all flights to and from Dublin Airport until Saturday, March 3. Please contact your airline for the latest information on your flight and monitor Dublin Airport’s social media channels for status updates.

• Cork: Cork Airport is closed and normal operations are not expected to resume until Saturday 3 March.

• Shannon: Remains operational , however have had a significant number of flight cancellations and strongly advise passengers intending to fly from, or travel to, Shannon Airport to contact their relevant airline or check their website before travelling.

• Ferries: Widespread cancellations on Irish Sea and to France.

Transport for Ireland

See here for information from private bus operators and wider transport services. Updates will be also given on twitter

Local Link – Rural Transport Services

All local Link services are cancelled today due to the red weather alert warning.

For more details contact your Local Link Office Local Link and on +353 1 879 8300

Bus Éireann

Bus Éireann website: Bus Eireann and Twitter Bus Eireann Twitter, and RTPI [link-to | http://www.dublinbus.ie/DublinBus-Mobile/RTPI/ | (Real Time Passenger Information) | RTPI app ]

Local and regional media will receive any updates.

1850 836611 8:30am to 6pm

Irish Rail Update 20.30 2nd March

Rail services will remain suspended until 12:00hrs Saturday 3rd March

Iarnród Éireann advises customers that, as a result of worsening weather conditions and the extension of Status Red weather warning on critical rail arteries to 09.00hrs tomorrow, rail services on Intercity, DART and Commuter will remain suspended until 12.00hrs Saturday 3rd March.

The worsening weather conditions were this evening impeding already challenging line clearance works, and the safety of our employees and contractors must be paramount.

We plan to resume services from 12.00hrs on Saturday 3rd March, subject to overnight weather and early morning inspections and will confirm details of service arrangements as soon as possible on Saturday morning.

We apologise to customers for the unavoidable disruption of services.

Check for updates the Irish Rail Website; Irish Rail Twitter with service alerts throughout the day.

Dublin Bus Update 20.30 2nd March

Dublin Bus wishes to advise customers that due to deteriorating weather conditions and the extension of the Status Red Weather Warning until 09.00, Dublin Bus will endeavour to operate services from 12.00 tomorrow, Saturday 3 March. This is dependent on the assessment of road conditions early tomorrow morning by our Chief Inspectors, in conjunction with Local Authorities.

Further to this, services will operate on main roads only, will have reduced frequencies and there will be diversions in place.

We continue to monitor updates from Met Éireann and take advice from the National Emergency Co-ordination Group.

We advise customers to visit our website www.dublinbus.ie and our Twitter account @dublinbusnews for any further updates.


Keep up to date by checking the Luas Travel Updates and Luas Twitter 6AM TO 1AM 1850 300 604 7AM TO 7PM


latest information available on twitter

Advice for Road Users

See here for advice for Road Users.

Met Eireann

Met Eireann will be constantly updating information on their website and on twitter

Department of Education

UPDATE: Status red has now been issued for all counties with immediate effect. All schools, third level institutions and colleges of further education will be closed tomorrow and Friday

Updates available on twitter

Department of Health

Our hospitals are open.

However, the HSE are advising that due to the evolving severe weather situation, with the entire country now under a red alert, all outpatient appointments and non-urgent surgeries planned for Thursday 1 March and Friday 2 March are cancelled. There is no need for patients to contact their hospital. Hospitals will be in touch over the coming weeks to reschedule their appointments. Patients who are scheduled for urgent surgery over these two days will be contacted by their hospital.

Our emergency services are prioritising urgent cases. Please only use in an emergency.

Follow the HSE on Twitter for updates.

Department of Housing

Local Government Sector

Local authorities reported that outdoor and ploughing and salting crews are active in all areas and have worked continuously overnight and since 5am this morning in very difficult conditions in many locations. The intention is to keep all priority routes open. No major issues were reported.


The local authorities have been working with homeless NGOs through the last 24 hours to ensure that all rough sleepers have shelter available. Sufficient capacity is available for all those requiring these services and they will continue to operate on a 24 hour basis until the spell of cold weather passes.

If you see anyone homeless or sleeping rough, please report it here.

Contact details for Local Authorities

The Twitter handle for the DRHE is Homeless Dublin Twitter Account

Emergency Services

Emergency services are taking a range of steps to help ensure fire and ambulance services cover for citizens as well ensuring the safety of their staff. As much as possible, staff are being facilitated by remaining on premises, revised shift arrangements and transport where possible. The 999/112 service remains in place but the public are being urged to request the attendance of Emergency Services in extreme circumstances only and to be aware of likely extended response times. As always, a risk assessment will be used to prioritise cases arising.

Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection

The latest updates on DEASP services are available on our website here

Main points:

– All offices are closed – appointments are cancelled and no payments will be affected. This includes all DEASP appointments and events – e.g. medical appointments, JobPath appointments, Career Fairs etc.

– The double fuel allowance payment will be processed next week and will issue w/c 12th March

– Payments that are due tomorrow are available today (please see An Post for Post Office updates) but if people can’t collect their payment today (or indeed tomorrow) these will be held and can be collected next week

– Where there is an urgent need for assistance or advice, there are emergency numbers on our website here .

Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine

With the current cold weather situation due to worsen this evening, DAFM asks all stakeholders to note the issues below in particular.

Farm Safety

Farm Safety is paramount during bad weather and it is essential that farm safety is prioritised above all else. Appropriate care is essential around the farmyard ensuring concrete areas are gritted or salted. Falls are the biggest threat and take care to avoid. Water for livestock remains a significant issue on farms with pipes for supply freezing, but continued access to water is important at this time when cows are calving and sheep lambing.

Animal Welfare

The DAFM 24 hour animal welfare helpline will continue to be monitored over the coming days. Members of the public with any concerns can contact the DAFM helpline on Call Save: 0761 064408 or 01 6072379.

Service Provision

The Department has been in constant contact with industry facilitating orderly operation and wind-down of processing operations. It is important to recognise that a temporary reduction in such processing will not impact on retail supplies. Fishing vessels in areas most impacted have generally also returned to port at this time.

The Department wishes to emphasise that as farmers deal with the difficulty conditions on farms at present that there is a need for safety first at all times in the period ahead.

Detailed updates with respect to the weather issues pertaining to farmers and other agriculture related stakeholders will be available on the Department website www.agriculture.gov.ie

The Twitter handle for Agriculture is

Department Agriculture Twitter Account

Department of Children and Youth Affairs

Update to Early Years and School Age Childcare Sector (2nd March).

The DCYA has attended the National Emergency Committee Group today (Friday 2nd March) and although the red weather warning remains in place in some parts of the country over the coming 24 hours, restrictions on travel have been lifted.

Plans are now progressing to clear roads, re-open schools and other services and get the country moving again. There are variations in storm impact across the country and the NECG is urging everyone to exercise caution as the snow thaws over the weekend.

Re-opening your service

DCYA encourages services to continue to take into account their circumstances locally when making decisions regarding reopening on Monday, in particular with regards to the planned reopening of local schools and resumption of transport services. Information from across all government departments has been collated on http://www.gov.ie

It is important that services maintain contact with parents and communicate with them as early as possible as the country returns to normal over the coming days.

Payment for days affected

Childcare services that were forced to close on Thursday or Friday should download and complete the Force Majeure form from PIP and return it within four weeks to pipdocuments@pobal.ie

DCYA will continue to attend the NECG and will update the sector via PIP and stakeholders as required over the coming days. Thank you for your cooperation during the past few days.


As per the instructions of the NECG, to ensure the health and safety of our workers and the local authority staff working in water services, there will be no staff available to respond to water or wastewater emergencies during the red weather warning called by Met Eireann from 4pm Thursday 1 March.

The Irish Water contact centre will be available during these hours on 1850 278278 for customers to report outages. Calls will be logged for action after the red warning has been lifted. When the warning is lifted calls will be prioritised.

For areas who do lose supply, alternative water supplies will be mobilised after the red warning has lifted.

Information on dealing with frozen pipes is available on water.ie and water supply updates are available here

Customers should conserve water where possible at this time by not running dishwashers or washing machines where possible or taking baths.

Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment

ESB Networks

ESB Networks is preparing for snow and freezing temperatures forecast this week. Damage may occur to the electricity network and ESB Networks has a full emergency response in place to address any power outages. The electricity network is built, and continually upgraded, to withstand events such as these, but extreme weather, heavy snowfalls and freezing temperatures can affect underground and overhead electricity cables and wires.

Snow may also cause trees and branches to fall across or lean onto electricity lines. Please do not approach or touch any fallen wires or the tree or branch that they are touching. Please report these dangerous situations immediately by calling 1850 372 999.


Eirgrid are not anticipating any significant issues. As increased electricity demand is expected, additional generation capacity has been brought on line and plant on maintenance is being returned to service. Eirgrid’s back-up control centre is being activated. Gale force winds, blizzards or thunderstorms may cause some outages towards the end of the week.

Oil Supplies

The oil companies have indicated that there is sufficient volumes of Kerosene and gas oil, used for home heating to maintain normal supply levels over the cold spell.


This was the position on gas from Commission of Regulation of Utilities (CRU) as of lunchtime yesterday. According to Gas Networks Ireland (GNI) “there are no current issues with the physical operation or gas supplies at the 3 system entry points. We did raise the Interconnector pressures over the weekend as a precautionary measure and will continue to monitor these over the week. Wind generation is high and forecasted to remain so until Thursday so at this time there is no security of supply concern.”


Mobile infrastructure outages are monitored by Comreg, who are in constant communication with the network operators. No significant disruption is anticipated to mobile networks during the cold weather. However, power outages may cause disruption to the mobile networks. If any such outages occur, the restoration of power is prioritised.

Department of Defence

The Defence Forces continue to provide assistance following requests from the principal response agencies.

Civil Defence are deployed through their local authorities and will continue to provide assistance in accordance with the procedures for dealing with severe weather as set out in the Framework for Major Emergency Management.

Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation

In light of this week’s severe weather warnings issued by Met Éireann in relation to Storm Emma, the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation – DBEI is, in the first instance, advising businesses and employees to heed the updates from the Government’s National Emergency Coordination Group on Severe Weather.

Start Planning

In addition, the Department has prepared a short checklist for businesses to help them prepare for severe weather events such as the one now forecast. One of the implications an employer may have to consider in the coming days is whether they will need to close their business.

It will not be possible for the Department to issue blanket advice about whether a business should close in the event of a Status Red Warning from Met Éireann, because many organisations are engaged in the delivery of essential services.

Businesses should however prioritise the safety of their workers at all times in the decision-making process and should now be considering how they will communicate with their staff in the coming days about any possible closures, be that by email, text, phone or social media.

Update 20.30, 2nd March

The Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation, Heather Humphreys T.D. and her departmental officials have been in contact with major supermarket chains, and it is their understanding that they are preparing to reopen their stores tomorrow.

Payment of Wages

The Workplace Relations Commission, which is an office of this Department, offers advice to both employers and employees on dealing with a situation whereby an employee cannot attend work due to unforeseen circumstances. It is however important that both parties are aware that in general, there is no statutory entitlement for an employee to be paid if they cannot attend work because of extreme weather.

Any more beneficial arrangement is a matter for agreement between the employer and the employee, but equally employers are encouraged to take a long-term view of the working relationship.

Department of Justice

International Protection Office

The International Protection Office has cancelled all interviews for Wednesday 28 February, Thursday 1 March and Friday 2 March 2018. Applicants are being notified separately. The IPO will be in touch with applicants concerning new interview dates as soon as possible.

Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service

All INIS offices will close at 5pm on 28th February, and will remain closed on Thursday and Friday. All customer appointments at our public offices are cancelled for the remainder of the week and will be rescheduled thereafter. We ask customers to await contact from INIS in relation to the rescheduling of appointments.

Courts Service

Courts and court offices in counties with the Status Red weather warning will not open on Thursday and Friday, 1st and 2nd March 2018. The normal arrangements will apply in relation to urgent matters to be dealt with by the District Court. The Saturday sitting of the District Court in the Criminal Courts of Justice in Dublin on 3rd March is also cancelled. Full up to date details of all other court closures are available at the Courts website

Irish Prison Service

All visits to prisons have been cancelled for Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd March. More information is available at The Irish Prisons Website

Probation Service

Given the worsening weather situation, all Probation Service offices are closed today and Friday. All offices should reopen as normal on Monday 5 March.

Irish Film Classification Office

During the Red weather alert, the IFCO will be closed.

Office of Public Works Report to NECG, 2nd March

1. OPW continues to closely monitor sea level forecasts and river levelso nationally.

2. Regarding Sea Level Situation

2.1 The OPW High Tide Advisory notice remains in place until Monday due to the period of very high astronomical tides.

2.2 Sea levels are expected to be highest on the South and East Coasts today and tomorrow, with tomorrow’s tides being marginally higher.

2.3 Critical times of high tide tomorrow on the East Coast for Dublin is circa 12.30pm and for South Coast for Cork is circa 6.30am.

2.4 Local authorities are advised to closely monitor sea levels until Monday and be prepared to respond in the event coastal flooding.

2.5 Members of the public should stay away from exposed coastal areas within 2 hours of the time of high water.

3. Regarding river level situation

3.1 River levels nationally have been falling over the past circa 2 weeks, with a few exceptions.

3.2 There is however potential for river levels on smaller, steep or mountainous catchments to rise suddenly depending on the rate of snow melt over the coming days, where heavy falls have occurred (e.g Dublin and Wicklow mountains area).

3.3 Members of the public and Farmers are therefore advised to stay away from rivers and watercourses for the coming days.

3.4 Local authorities are advised to closely monitor river levels (see also: http://www.waterlevel.ie) in their respective areas over the coming days and during the period of snow melt, and be prepared to to respond in the event of flooding, especially in smaller, steep and mountainous catchments that have experienced heavy snow falls.

Department of Culture, Heritage and Gaeltacht

In light of the Status Red weather warning for all counties issued by Met Éireann, all National Parks and Nature Reserves throughout the country are now closed to the public.

The safety of both our visitors and staff is of paramount importance to the Department and the National Parks and Wildlife Service. Snow may mask normal trail markers and routes leading to more dangerous walking conditions with ice increasing the likelihood of slips, trips and falls. We would encourage people to respect the closure of these sites and avoid making unnecessary journeys to our National Parks and Nature Reserves.

All Departmental offices are also closed.

Updates will continue to be posted on our Twitter profile @DeptAHG.

Departmental staff have also been advised not to present for work on 1 and 2 March. Further emails will issue to staff with updates before the weekend. Staff should check the Department’s website and Twitter account @DeptAHG for updates also.

Our message to staff is also that it may be worthwhile to ensure that your line manager has your private mobile number (where you do not have a work phone) to enable them to contact you directly in the event of an emergency or with an important update.

No Departmental Offices or other locations, including national parks and nature reserves, will be open to the public on these dates.

Department of Foreign Affairs

Further to the advice of the National Emergency Co-ordination Group, and in light of the forecasted adverse weather conditions, offices of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Dublin, Cork and Limerick and all its public services will remain closed on Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd March 2018.

In the event of an emergency, members of the public should contact 01 408 2000.

Next Steps

The country is still in the middle of a very severe weather emergency with Red and Orange warnings in place. All services will be working at peak capacity and the public are asked for patience while works to restore services and clear transport routes are completed.

The priority is to restore the motorway and primary road network and to get public transport moving again.

The public can assist this work by not attempting any journeys.

The key public safety messages are:

• Avoid any non-critical travel throughout the country. Many roads including national and regional roads remain impassable and unsafe for driving

• The public should assume all electricity lines to be live and report any fallen lines to ESBNetworks

• Take care while out walking in snow. Enjoy the snow but exercise caution and stay safe.

• Keep away from rivers where levels can rise rapidly as snow begins to melt

• Remember emergency services will take longerto respond to call outs due to the weather conditions.

• Check in with elderly and vulnerable neighbours by phone

We are continuing our work and will meet again at 4.00 pm to review and further co-ordinate our efforts.


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