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Alert: Government Attempts to Pass ESM with Minimal Public Debate

Today – Wednesday, & Tomorrow – Thursday The Government will seek Dail approval of: The Article 136 TFEU amendment to the EU Treaties which authorises the setting up of the permanent Eurozone loan fund, the European Stability Mechanism + A … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Treaties: Citizen’s Guide

Ireland is being asked to approve two new international treaties and an amendment to the European Union Treaties. These are: 1. Treaty establishing the European Stability Mechanism (called ‘ESM Treaty’) 2. Treaty on Stability Co-ordination and Governance in the Economic … Continue reading

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[Update] “Fiscal Compact” Treaty & Irish Referendum explained: “Pay No Attention to that Article 136 Behind the Curtain!”

National Platform EU Research & Information Centre – Two Steps to a Fiscal Union for the Eurozone… & A Third Step to Distract Attention from the First Two The  27-Member European Council “Decision” to make the Art.136 TFEU Amendment to the … Continue reading

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